Thoughts About Lou and The Mixed Feelings That Follow

So for those who may not know yet, Lou Pearlman died last night.


When I learned about it via twitter and Facebook messenger (while working), it was weird for me. Later on I sort of realized if it was weird for me it’s probably weird for a lot of you guys too. That’s why I came here to write this after work at two in the morning, because I’m a night owl and never had a problem writing about weird or difficult things. And this probably qualifies as both, honestly. Because any fan of the Backstreet Boys who’s been around at least a week knows the history of the group and Lou Pearlman.

It’s so well known, there’s no need to rehash the details. We know it was a troublesome history. In the documentary we watched our Boys try to cope and understand why he did the things he did. A lot of us did, too. We adore them and we hate that anyone could hurt him the way he did. We get defensive. Lord knows I’ve called him many not-so-nice names over the years. In the end though, all that rage and anger from us, the fandom doesn’t make it better. It never changed what happened.

And now he’s gone.

It’s not our place to forgive. It’s not our place to judge. It’s not our place to understand.

I can’t speak for the Boys and I don’t plan to. None of us should.

Rather than celebrate the loss of a life however, I say we should be thankful Lou existed. Because while I’ll never say I like the guy who betrayed the group, he is why they became a group to begin with. It’s something BSB has never been able to escape, something the fandom has never been able to deny.

And that’s okay.

I’m not here to tell you how you should or shouldn’t be about this. I’m here just as a voice for my own thoughts. Just another fan. Maybe you’ll agree with me and maybe you won’t. Hopefully reading this might help you figure out what you think about it. Who knows? But in the end, I say we should be respectful.

If nothing else, he gave us a gift back in the 90s.

Lou is why we have the best selling boyband ever. He’s why they became friends, a second family to each other. He’s why they’re here now to give us more music. Yes he did some terrible things to men we’re fans of. But look at them now. They’ve become so much more than what they were when they started. Is it all because of Lou? No but he played his part, and like or not it was a pretty big part in the beginning. For that much I’m grateful. Because that group has been there for me musically, has been there for all of us at one point or another. It doesn’t undo all the bad things he’s done, not at all.

That’s why so many of us are conflicted.

We’re all unsure how to feel, and that’s okay too.

Rest In Peace, Lou Pearlman.

The Five Stages of Fans With New BSB Music

So…after every dry spell where we fans are forced to live without new music from our favorite group, a new song is like finding an oasis within a vast desert.  Whether it’s a collaboration (rare but as we see it DOES happen!) or a new album…

There’s just those feelings that rise up to the surface. We just can’t help it. Really.

(At least, that’s what we tell everyone who thinks we’re crazy!)

1. The Freak Out


2. The Rush Online To Find The New Song


3. Feeling A Joy You Know Only Happens When You Hear Their Voices In A New Song


4. Playing The Song On Repeat Over And Over Till You Learn ALL THE LYRICS
(Because you WILL learn the lyrics even if it kills you)


5. Knowing That Your Boys Are BACK And Like Them You’re Not Going Anywhere!


But in all seriousness, go through the stages again! Check out BSB’s new song with Florida-Georgia Line: “God, Your Mama, and Me” available to buy on iTunes or to stream on Spotify now! You can also get it on Google Play and on Amazon Music!


Ideas For Future Nick Carter SyFy Movies


So we all loved Dead 7. We laughed, we got emotional. We see Nick tweet to Carrie about a “next” movie. I want a NEXT movie with SyFy! Hell yeah, let’s do this again! Can’t exactly be a sequel…because of well, the ending. (I’ll be kind and keep the spoilers out of this post.) But there’s tons of ideas Nick can do next! Maybe he’ll like a few of these. Nick has a random and kind of scary brain as we’ve all discovered…but I like to think I do too.

In fact, on the BSB Cruise, Nick did a Dead 7 Q&A. He mentioned his next idea…

And he mentioned it again at Fandom Fest this weekend that he would possibly want to do a dark comedy about a BSB getting kidnapped inspired by Silence of the Lambs, Ace Ventura, and Misery. As a writer who’s had some…interesting plotlines? THIS SOUNDS AWESOME. So I thought it’d be fun to give Nick a few more suggestions… (Yes some are inspired by ideas bounced between myself and my Zombie Double Rainbow friend Julie,  who collaborates on stories with me…)

Who knows? Maybe he’ll love them!

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AJ’s New Solo Album…Updates!


So, last year I did a post about AJ’s solo album.

Well, then he got new management – Johnny Wright. Remember him? Yeah that’s why I’m not going to talk about it LOL. In any event, he basically started revamping his solo album. So what do we know? I’m not sure anymore! We DO know that AJ shaved off the beard. Yes, THE BEARD for part of his album shoot.

aj4     aj1

So since he’s doing a photoshoot for the album, it looks like it’s pretty close to completion and we’ll hear news! Check out my linked post above giving all the former details of what we knew. Cause there’s a lot. I’m dying for more details though, like a music video…tour news… (I’m in Backstreet withdrawals okay!)

Here’s some tidbits though to make it easy…

  • Jordan James was a writer for this album (he also wrote AJ’s song Live Together). Is that still the case? Are his songs on the album? We’ll see!
  • One of the songs is a contender for the 50 Shades soundtrack.
  • We believe the release date will be early September.
  • One of the potential songs for the album was a song called “You” collaborated with Shawn from Boyz II Men!

It’s beautiful by the way, we need more collabs like that.

  • The album WAS called The Anthem and now? Now it’ll be called Naked.
  • Update 7/29! AJ posted a clip to a song on twitter!

In the end?  All that matters is how excited we are to FINALLY get a new solo album from the ever soulful AJ McLean by the end of this year! Can’t wait to listen to it!

Lost In A Sea Of BSB…(Videos That Is)


So I’ve been light on the posts lately.

Did I forget about my posts? Of course not! Been too busy for the site? Nope!

It’s because I’ve been looking for a proper converter to upload even MORE videos than I already have. Did I find it? Absolutely. As for more media? Yes, this is possible. Of course I’ve had the so-called-chore of having to watch said videos so I can convert them, label them, and upload them for you. Needless to day I haven’t been suffering so much…but it’s time consuming.

I’ve uploaded some of these to YouTube for you…but YouTube sometimes is super sensitive and blocks stuff from a freaking decade ago that you couldn’t buy even if you WANTED TO! Anyone else remember when YouTube used to be a hell of a lot cooler? Anyways…the solution was to give these videos their own section in the media archive. So that way you can download and join in on the epic old school glory.  So keep checking in on the TDS Media Archive because that’s where it’s all going!

Want a taste of what I’m talking about? Here we go…

Do you have any BSB media you’d like to contribute to the TDS Media Archive that we might be missing? Contact us at!


I Want It That Way – It All Makes Sense Now!


So we all know I Want It That Way is the biggest hit of the Boys career right? Everyone knows it. It’s the song that defined the 90s and stole everyone’s hearts. We also as fans, know for a fact, as fans that the song doesn’t make a damn bit of sense. I know. I decided to try analyzing into making sense for a post. All I accomplished was heading to the fridge for a well deserved cookie because I sprained my brain LOL. (Fun fact – I had to correct “brain” from “Brian” cause I’m practically programmed to type Brian first.)

These are facts.

But then…the performance with Meghan Trainor happened.

Suddenly, I’m sitting here like…did the song decide to make sense?!

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Reasons Why We Love Nick Carter

reasons why we love nick

Nickolas Gene Carter. He is Baby Backstreet. The youngest, the blondest and probably the most random one in the group by far  – something I can relate to.  He always keeps you talking though. And be honest, the group just wouldn’t be the same without him even if he’s not your favorite. (Okay…he’s mine but that’s not relevant!) I did the oldest BSB in my last post and going in order of age is so predictable. So I flipped to Nick. There’s lots of reasons to love Nick, obviously. But with your help, I managed to narrow it down!

Join me!

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New BSB Album – What We Know


So let’s talk. The Boys are back in the studio! We had an old post about the upcoming album back during their last recording session in December. However, a lot has changed since then and I felt we just needed a new one. This way we can cover what we knew then, what we know now, what might have been scrapped, what we can possibly expect. It’s a lot. So I’ll break it down for you and update this any time we get new album news. How’s that sound? Good? Good!

Let’s begin.

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Happy Birthday TDS Blog! (Thank You For Everything!)


So it’s been a year since I got the crazy idea that our Dark Side Forum should have it’s own blog. A blog where it’s original purpose? To drive people to discuss more on our message boards because traffic had been on the decline. It seemed like a pretty good idea and I figured it’d be fun if nothing else. I didn’t expect a lot of things, really. Just a place to post what I think about my favorite fandom.

It’s become so much more than that.

We’ve gained 2,000+ followers on our twitter since we started the blog. We’ve expanded into a growing YouTube Channel, a Media Archive, and a Facebook! I’ve gotten acknowledgment from Backstreet Boys (via follows and tweets). Hell, Nick Carter dmed us so he could give us t shirts as gifts for promoting him during Dancing With The Stars! Wonderful Union reached out to us because of Jaclyn’s honest post about the state of the BSB Fan Club and now, we’re starting to see them give us what we want. (Like acoustic videos being posted!) It gave me a platform to not only explain, but to give my thoughts and feelings about Brian’s vocals. It’s given me a way to do what I can for changes I would love to see in the fandom I adore.

This blog has become so much bigger than anything I ever expected in just a year’s time. And that’s because of you guys. I mean I could say whatever I want on here but it doesn’t mean my fellow fans have to listen. You guys don’t have to support, retweet, comment or any of that! But you do. The amount of love I get has connected me to this fandom so much more since I first started it and it’s mind blowing. All of it is.

So thank you!

Thank you for reading. Thank you for following. Thank you for everything. Because without you? This would just be another ignored fanpage in the giant jungle that is fandom life on the internet. You guys are why I do this. Even if I never got any attention from anyone in the Backstreet Camp, I’d keep going. Because we’ve all got to be united here. We’re all part of the same family, in a sense. We’re all a little crazy but I think that’s why I like it.

Here’s to another year!

– Rose