Exploring Nick Carter’s Solo Career

So remember when I wrote a post looking back at Brian's solo career? I thought it'd be neat to do for the others. Honestly Howie was supposed to be next cause I do have a fond love for his Back To Me album...but then this popped up on twitter and I pretty much lost my …

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FGL and BSB – Bringing Fans Together

So...if you haven't been living under a proverbial fandom rock, you've heard about our Boys doing CMT Crossroads with Florida-Georgia Line. You've probably watched it as well. (If not, PLEASE go to CMT.com click on Xfinity as your service provider, and use either twitter or facebook to log in. It'll let you! And it's not region …

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The #BSB25Project – Let’s Celebrate The Boys’ 25th Anniversary!

The #BSB25Project - Let's Celebrate The Boys' 25th Anniversary! Ever since the day Brian made the group complete back in 1993, the Backstreet Boys have shown us what they're made of. They've touched us in so many ways. Not to mention they've been living up to the promise that as long as there be music, …

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