Backstreet In Vegas Has FINALLY Arrived!



If you heard, you know why I’m freaking out. FINALLY. We have confirmation. We’ve known for awhile BSB were going to have a trial run of a residency out here but it’s official! They will be out here in March AND June of 2017. Excuse me while I fangirl harder than ever, right over here. Because this is amazing.

What Are The Show Dates?

March 1st, 3rd, 4th, 8th, 10th, 11th, 15th, 17th, 18th
June 14th, 16th, 17th, 21st, 23rd, 24th, 28th, 30th
July  1st

The Show Will Be At “The Axis” At Planet Hollywood

It’s where they had their two IAWLT shows back in 2014. The venue is not too big, nor too small. Every seat gets you a great view of the stage, not to mention the fan pits. Security there were really nice and accommodating last time I was there. So we couldn’t have a better venue. Here’s a map of the seating chart that I found on Ticketmaster for the BSB Residency.

Tickets and VIP Packages Go On Sale On October 1st!
Presales are on September 25th at 10am PST!

I’ve said for awhile they’d go on sale by fall and here we are! I hope you’ve been saving because these shows will be completely worth it! The fan club will be your first shot at ticket presales so if you haven’t bought a membership yet…DO IT! Do it now at! Unique codes will be added to your account dashboards at 9:50am PT on Sunday 9/25.

If you’re undecided right now, you can wait and buy a membership bundle with the actual tickets. In addition to the fan club presale, they’ll be offering a fan club bundle option for non-fan club members to purchase if you go to Ticketmaster before going to

The bundle will be the BSB Digital-Only Fan Club Membership:

  • Access to presale tickets and VIPs
  • Access to the community features, including forums, blogs, and chat
  • Access to exclusive digital content such as videos, audio and photos
  • Access to Fan Club-only Contests & Campaigns

If you buy a membership on TM, you’ll have access to the TM presale immediately but you’ll have to wait up to 7 business days to get the code you’ll need to activate your membership on BSB’s site.

But there’s other options!

You can buy a membership now. There’s a really neat package they created called the Larger Then Life Bundle. Here’s what it comes with for 65$.

  • BSB Shot Glass
  • BSB Socks
  • Larger Than Life Vegas tee (FC exclusive)
  • Digital Membership
  • Access to Tickets/M&Gs before the public
  • *5 entries into the flyaway contest


If you want something a little smaller, there’s also the In A World Like Vegas package!

  • BSB Socks
  • Digital Membership
  • Access to Tickets/M&Gs before the public


Ticket Prices?

Tickets range from 39$ to 175$. Most likely the tickets in the fan pits will be the ones that are 175$ but that’s not confirmed just yet.


What About VIP?

There’s multiple packages, there’s a VIP ticket you can buy on Ticketmaster, and there’s the VIP package you can get ONLY at The one you get on the BSB FC is the one that includes a Meet and Greet. The Ticketmaster VIP tickets do not include a meet and greet! Ticketmaster VIP Tickets typically include swag and early access into the venue.

*Note – BSB VIP do NOT include a concert ticket!


Just a heads up going into the presale…

  • If tickets run out during the Fan Club Presale, more WILL be made available during the general onsale.
  • If VIP tickets sell out during the pre sale no more will be made available.
  • If VIP upgrades sell out during the pre sale no more will be made available.


What about travel?

Wonderful Union is providing a special for fanclub members! If you click this link you can get 40% off in savings just for being a member of the fanclub! (Another reason to join, really…)

If you have any questions about the presales, the residency, or Las Vegas in general please feel free to ask! I’ll answer as best as I can in the comments below.


Flashback Friday – Brian Singing “One Last Cry”


So we all know I’ve been spending a chunk of my time converting videos.

This is going pretty far back, almost 20 years. I never saw this special on TV in the US though I bought the VHS tape back in the day! I still have it LOL. “Backstreet Boys – Live In Frankfurt”. I didn’t know for years that the video edited out some epic performances. One in particular that took me years to find and then longer to find a decent version of the video. But I FINALLY got around the converting issues, and I FINALLY got around the sync issues (the audio was a major kink for awhile.) To celebrate I posted my favorite of the cut performances that only aired in the German TV special on Premiere.

Brian singing One Last Cry, a cover originally sung by Brian McKnight. I may be biased here, but honestly? I think our Brian does a better job of it. Just listen. Relisten. Listen again! You can just hear that crystal clear voice of his soar. It’s effortless. It’s amazing. It holds up after nineteen years guys. I still love this like it’s the first time I’ve ever heard it. This “Flashback Friday” is an excuse for to gush about Brian who I’ve always had an extremely large soft spot for. (Fun Fact: when I first became a BSB fan, he was my original favorite.)

I’ll be uploading the other solos from the Boys as well, but this still ranks as the best of them. So enjoy the video! (Yes, it will be available to download at our Media Archive!)

#FlashbackFriday – Black & Blue Around The World In 100 Hours


So a lot of fans treat the whole Black and Blue era in an interesting way. It varies from groups of fans depending on a few factors like age, when they became a fan, what kind of fan they are…etc. A lot happened during that era that many like myself try to let ourselves forget. I’ve been a fan since around 1997, which good god will be 20 years for me next year. Anywho…so I don’t rewatch many interviews from this album’s promo that often. Mainly because I notice things I never realized as a teenager. Things if I HAD noticed them…well, the issues that later came out wouldn’t have been such a shock to my 14/15 year old self.

But in my attempt to start doing more flashback Friday posts (because I have SO MUCH MEDIA HOLY SHIT) I looked at the 2000 Diary special, specifically. I haven’t watched it in ages but I was editing a pretty clear video of it from my vhs rips. That era was tumultuous sure, but it was also pretty damn cool. Sometimes when you look back you gotta remind yourself to focus more on the positives – it’s a good way to look at fandom and life.

Cause really, it was also a fun ride all the same.

In a time where social media didn’t exist and the only reality shows were Big Brother and Survivor, we got to see more of the Boys than we used to. They released a dvd/vhs (I had the vhs, now I have the DVD) of the promotional trip they took around the world to promote the album. They did a MTV Diary episode. They invited contest winners, radio station DJs, news reporters, you name it.  Yeah there’s a lot they hid as well but it’s always great getting a taste of our Boys’ lovable personalities before we got spoiled by say…twitter.

Dude do y’all remember the plane they rented? IT WAS RIDICULOUS. Or to steal from Brian…It just keeps on going! It’s an energizer bunny! Actually if you watch Diary, which I of course linked below, it’s pretty full of BSB gems. Like AJ losing his shit over the plush as hell toilet on the plane, or Nick booty shaking to random song, speaking of booties, let’s not forget Howie’s bootysmacker…

Kevin calling AJ a dildo… I mean it’s still funny sixteen years later.

Here’s Adventures of Backstage Girl which gave a neat view being invited ON the plane.

They did many press conferences and interviews like this forty minute one with MSN.

Have I mentioned all the specials yet? Like this one from Australia:

And let’s not forget Backstreet Over Broadway.

I won’t even get into all the concert specials. Or you’ll be here all night just from the video binging alone. I’m not sure which album had more promo/TV time Millennium or Black and Blue in all honesty. Sometimes it’s easy to forget they were all over the damn place. You don’t see music TV like that anymore – especially on normal channels. And look at all the craziness that happened in Rio. Remember watching that on TV? That’s insanity. INSANITY. But in that hugely flattering even if totally terrifying kind of way.

It’s the kind of insanity our fandom may not see again, but it’s cool to remember.


Try to picture the Boys renting this super pimped out plane, flying to a bunch of different countries SOLELY to promote a new album in today’s world. It’s weird. Admit it. But it happened then. It’s definitely a crazy era but it had some seriously cool high points. Black and Blue reached us all and in the moment it just made your fandom stronger. No matter what came later on.

But you know, it makes me wonder as I watch these videos, do you think any of the fans you see get shown or talked to are still Backstreet Boys fans? Did they stick around like we did? Did they move on? Random thoughts because thanks to the footage, they’re not quite forgotten as part of the fandom. I’d like to think they’re still fans. I mean, we stuck around through the ups and downs…and I don’t regret it a bit.

What videos would you want to see me do for Flashback Friday? Comment below!

Five Reasons Why You Should Go See Nick at Walker Stalker Con


So in case you haven’t heard…Nick is going to be at Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta!

This is a big deal, trust me. I might be biased. I’m a huge Walking Dead fangirl. If I had to rate my fandoms in order, it’d be BSB and then Walking Dead. If I could swing it into my work schedule I’d be flying out in a heartbeat just for Andrew Lincoln and Nick Carter being in the same room. Since I can’t…well, I will give you guys the top five reasons why it will definitely be worth the time and money to go to Walker Stalker Atlanta. (Since I went to the one in Chicago back in May, you can trust me!)

5. You Can Meet A Lot Of Zombie Related Celebrities!

You might think it’s only Walking Dead cast (which okay, for me that’s awesome). But it’s not. When I was in Chicago one of the staff told me that Atlanta is the biggest Walker Stalker Con they do. Mainly because it’s where The Walking Dead films so they can get most/all the cast from there. But they don’t stop there. You can meet the man who played Freddy on the classic Nightmare on Elm Street, cast from Night Of The Living Dead, Friday the 13th and more. You can get not only Nick, but lots of other greats if you love horror movies the way I do.

4. It’s Less Stressful Than A BSB Event

And it’s awesome. Because this will be outside what you’re used to, you won’t be surrounded by BSB Fans competing for attention at a concert. This is a convention where while there are TONS of fans everywhere (dressed up usually), you’ll be able to just walk up to a table and chat with Nick, and possibly get a photo/selfie with him. (Pretty cheap too, compared to BSB VIP prices!) The laid back vibe is beautiful. Other fans who are there to see him too? They’ll be just as relaxed. It’s awesome.

3. Panels and Interviews

Ever wanted to ask Nick something? You can. I got to at the Dead 7 panel when I went to the Chicago Walker Stalker Con. They have an open Q&A portion at the panels where if you want, you can walk up to the mike and ask questions. I had asked if they ever thought about doing a prequel so we can get some backstories on the characters showing how they got to where they were at the start of Dead 7. Sadly not so much but Nick still wants to keep doing like an American Horror series of movies with SyFy (same cast, new movies/plots). Another fan asked them to sing In The End and they did! So you can feel up close and personal.

My video of that. (Sorry about the shaky hand…)

They also do on the spot interviews in this little sectioned area in the middle of the convention floor. You just walk up and listen as they answer questions. No one shoved, no one pushed. Everyone was calm and you had a great view. It’s not something always available in “our world” so to speak, of BSB. So here’s another way to enjoy your fandom. And outside your fandom! You’re getting many for the price of one! You can hop from one panel or interview to the next. One of my favorite interviews was from Robin Lord Taylor, he had a bit part on Walking Dead and now stars on Gotham.

There’s a reason Nick geeks out at these events too, even when he’s a guest.

2. The Price

The event itself is no more than 50$ each day (depending on what day you go) but you can also buy a ticket that gives you admission for all three days. Not bad for interviews and panels, plus the freedom to approach Nick (and other celebrities) at their table. And the photo ops? Beyond cheaper than any you’d get at the concert VIPs – not that it ever stops us from doing those too when we can. When you have a chance to get all these perks at a decent price, grab it!

1. It’s An Excuse To Get a Zombie Photo With Nick


I mean, Nick is flat out telling you guys to do this.

Mind you, my friend Julie and I did this before it was cool LOL. To this day it’s one of our favorite pictures though! Why not have fun, be silly and dress up as a member of the undead? You’ll get a unique photo with our youngest Backstreet Boy and he’ll probably love it. Scratch that, he will love it. Cause he’s Nick and he’s a nerd like the rest of us. So go for it!

Trust me, you guys won’t regret it. You’ll love every moment. Especially if you’re as much of a zombie lover as I am. But even if you’re not…you’ll still love it!

So go and buy tickets for Walker Stalker Con while you still can! He’ll be there all three days – October 28th-30th. A three day ticket costs only 120$ with more information available here. You can also purchase photo ops with Nick on any of those days as well here for only 60$!


And we would do it all again…


Did you know it’s been a full year since Nick was on Dancing With the Stars?

Dude, I hadn’t realized it either. Honestly, I miss it a little.

Actually, I miss it a lot.

Something I didn’t think at the time. I sort of had a love/hate thing going. I adored seeing Nick on TV each week. I loved watching him grow with the show. Not to mention the partnership he had with Sharna? SO FREAKING CUTE. A lot of good was going on. But I also got frustrated week to week, as I’m sure we all did. I’m very proud of Nick for coming in second, but man, we voted and tweeted our asses off. It was fandom kicked into overdrive.

Definitely stressful.

But because it’s been a year, I watched this playlist I made on the YouTube Channel of all the dances (minus the Beatles one cause YT flagged it for some reason) our beloved Team SharNick did. Maybe it’s nostalgia or whatever, but I loved watching them. Then I started wondering how say AJ or Brian would do on the show. It hit me. Maybe I’m crazy but…

I want to see a Backstreet Boy back on Dancing With The Stars again!


Two NSYNC-ers did it. Why not two Backstreet Boys? Could you imagine hyper Brian on that show from week to week? The stunts he could do? Or AJ who has always, arguably been one of the best dancers of the group? The possibilities are endless y’all. Not to mention we could see one of our Boys weekly, it was so easy to get spoiled.  And hey…that promotion? Nick was everywhere when he was on it! So yes, I want to go through that Fandom Overdrive again and see one of our Boys killing it from week to week in those dances. Make it happen ABC!

What do you think? Would you want a BSB on DWTS again? Who? Why? Comment below!

Thoughts About Lou and The Mixed Feelings That Follow

So for those who may not know yet, Lou Pearlman died last night.


When I learned about it via twitter and Facebook messenger (while working), it was weird for me. Later on I sort of realized if it was weird for me it’s probably weird for a lot of you guys too. That’s why I came here to write this after work at two in the morning, because I’m a night owl and never had a problem writing about weird or difficult things. And this probably qualifies as both, honestly. Because any fan of the Backstreet Boys who’s been around at least a week knows the history of the group and Lou Pearlman.

It’s so well known, there’s no need to rehash the details. We know it was a troublesome history. In the documentary we watched our Boys try to cope and understand why he did the things he did. A lot of us did, too. We adore them and we hate that anyone could hurt him the way he did. We get defensive. Lord knows I’ve called him many not-so-nice names over the years. In the end though, all that rage and anger from us, the fandom doesn’t make it better. It never changed what happened.

And now he’s gone.

It’s not our place to forgive. It’s not our place to judge. It’s not our place to understand.

I can’t speak for the Boys and I don’t plan to. None of us should.

Rather than celebrate the loss of a life however, I say we should be thankful Lou existed. Because while I’ll never say I like the guy who betrayed the group, he is why they became a group to begin with. It’s something BSB has never been able to escape, something the fandom has never been able to deny.

And that’s okay.

I’m not here to tell you how you should or shouldn’t be about this. I’m here just as a voice for my own thoughts. Just another fan. Maybe you’ll agree with me and maybe you won’t. Hopefully reading this might help you figure out what you think about it. Who knows? But in the end, I say we should be respectful.

If nothing else, he gave us a gift back in the 90s.

Lou is why we have the best selling boyband ever. He’s why they became friends, a second family to each other. He’s why they’re here now to give us more music. Yes he did some terrible things to men we’re fans of. But look at them now. They’ve become so much more than what they were when they started. Is it all because of Lou? No but he played his part, and like or not it was a pretty big part in the beginning. For that much I’m grateful. Because that group has been there for me musically, has been there for all of us at one point or another. It doesn’t undo all the bad things he’s done, not at all.

That’s why so many of us are conflicted.

We’re all unsure how to feel, and that’s okay too.

Rest In Peace, Lou Pearlman.

The Five Stages of Fans With New BSB Music

So…after every dry spell where we fans are forced to live without new music from our favorite group, a new song is like finding an oasis within a vast desert.  Whether it’s a collaboration (rare but as we see it DOES happen!) or a new album…

There’s just those feelings that rise up to the surface. We just can’t help it. Really.

(At least, that’s what we tell everyone who thinks we’re crazy!)

1. The Freak Out


2. The Rush Online To Find The New Song


3. Feeling A Joy You Know Only Happens When You Hear Their Voices In A New Song


4. Playing The Song On Repeat Over And Over Till You Learn ALL THE LYRICS
(Because you WILL learn the lyrics even if it kills you)


5. Knowing That Your Boys Are BACK And Like Them You’re Not Going Anywhere!


But in all seriousness, go through the stages again! Check out BSB’s new song with Florida-Georgia Line: “God, Your Mama, and Me” available to buy on iTunes or to stream on Spotify now! You can also get it on Google Play and on Amazon Music!


Ideas For Future Nick Carter SyFy Movies


So we all loved Dead 7. We laughed, we got emotional. We see Nick tweet to Carrie about a “next” movie. I want a NEXT movie with SyFy! Hell yeah, let’s do this again! Can’t exactly be a sequel…because of well, the ending. (I’ll be kind and keep the spoilers out of this post.) But there’s tons of ideas Nick can do next! Maybe he’ll like a few of these. Nick has a random and kind of scary brain as we’ve all discovered…but I like to think I do too.

In fact, on the BSB Cruise, Nick did a Dead 7 Q&A. He mentioned his next idea…

And he mentioned it again at Fandom Fest this weekend that he would possibly want to do a dark comedy about a BSB getting kidnapped inspired by Silence of the Lambs, Ace Ventura, and Misery. As a writer who’s had some…interesting plotlines? THIS SOUNDS AWESOME. So I thought it’d be fun to give Nick a few more suggestions… (Yes some are inspired by ideas bounced between myself and my Zombie Double Rainbow friend Julie,  who collaborates on stories with me…)

Who knows? Maybe he’ll love them!

Continue reading