We’re All In This Together

So I see a lot on twitter.

I’ve seen fans bemoaning the fact they can’t go on the already-sold-out-cruise, or can’t make it out for the Vegas Residency. Which, I understand. Sometimes things just can’t happen. But they talk about how they feel guilty and it blows me away. Guilty? Why would anyone feel guilty if it’s just not possible (for whatever reason, doesn’t matter) to travel for these things? Because no one should feel guilty!

No One Fan Is Better Than Another

This needs to be said. It doesn’t matter how many events you’ve done. Or if you’ve done none at all. Whether you’ve seen them on every tour, or haven’t seen a single concert of theirs in person. Every fan supports their favorite group their own way. Do you love their music? Are you a fan? Then we’re all equal. That’s it. Don’t feel bad if you can’t do something! That’s okay. There’s times I can’t do things. Hell, I’ve only gone to several Vegas shows because I literally live twenty minutes from where they’re performing. There’s tours I haven’t done cause I couldn’t make it work. (All American, for a quick example)

And fans who are lucky, fans who CAN do all the things…don’t feel superior. This is a two way street. I’ve seen how some get. It’s one thing to share your moments and how awesome the Boys can be. That sort of thing SHOULD be shared. But don’t use it as a way to essentially say you’re better. That’s not right. As dysfunctional as we are, this fandom is a family. At it’s best, I love it. Being able to chat with others about the group we’re so passionate about? It feels like home! (Pun intended. I may have that song playing as I write this.)

But let’s embrace each other, show support. Remind each other that it’s okay if you can’t cruise or if you can’t go to certain shows. We’re all here for the same thing. If you have a moment with a BSB and you’re in a crowd, let others have a chance instead of hogging (or attempting to) that Boy to yourself. Help others have moments if you can. Share. Love. Those are the sort of things that can just make everything that much better.

We’re all in this together.

BSB Album Updates – The 2017 Edition

So I know a lot of us have been eagerly awaiting the new Backstreet Boys album. We’re currently riding a wave of popularity we haven’t seen at such heights since daresay…1999? Our Boys are all over the place. – on awards shows, booking summer shows, guest judging, collaborating in music videos, etc. And while yes we’re enjoying ALL that #BSBVegas has had to offer, we can’t help but be curious about the next BSB album because In A World Like This will be hitting it’s four year anniversary this summer. We’re craving, I totally get it. (Try being a Christina Aguilera fan…)

They’ve been recording since then! And we’ve been tracking it all this time. In 2015 and in 2016 posts you can find the history of their album making progress. Look’s like it’s picking up again and while some might think it’s a little soon, I wanted to get a jump on it.

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Happy Anniversary Backstreet!

Twenty Four Years.

Let that sink for a moment. Twenty four years is a long time guys. Many weddings can’t last that long, let alone a group. It’s a year shy of being a quarter of a century. Most bands can’t last this long. (Fun fact – The Beatles didn’t.) Boybands? Forget it. BSB are in a class of their own in this aspect. Well, one of many. Sometimes, this sort of thing is pretty easy to forget. As a fan, I recognize we’re all pretty damn spoiled. We don’t know anything different, you know? Our fanbase isn’t like the others.

Let’s take a look…

  • NSYNC –ย  “On Hiatus FOREVER” aka Disbanded
  • NKOTB – Broke up for over a decade before reuniting.
  • 98 Degrees – Broke up for a decade, then reunited
  • One Direction – Broke up
  • The Wanted – Broke up
  • Big Time Rush – Broke up

90s Boybands, 2000s Boybands, it’s like a boyband-pocalypse around here. A wasteland of male vocalists that fell apart. The Backstreet Boys are like the Rick Grimes in said wasteland of reanimating groups. They’re not only surviving, they’re thriving. They’re relevant – hottest selling residency, a cruise next year, and they’re all over the media. They had their lows but damn, right now we’re all on a high.

The thing is, BSB to me, are more than just the five men with magical blending voices. They’re five men who’ve inspired us all over the years. Their music has been there for myself and others during the darkest and brightest times in our lives. They unknowingly brought friendships many of us never would’ve forged without their existing. They gave us memories that will last forever.

So thank you.

Thank you Nick, Kevin, Brian, Howie and AJ. Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for your passion. Thank you for the music, the tours, the cruises. Thank you for the fandom you created. Thank you for standing strong through everything life has thrown at you. We appreciate it. More than you’ll likely ever know. Though we’ll keep trying to tell you, I’m sure.

And thank you my fellow fans! Lets be honest, I know our fandom family can be completely crazy at times. But this fanbase is a major reason WHY I’m a fan still. The bonds we created over these five men who sing. The friendships that can never be replaced. The support we give one another inside and outside our BSB world.

Let’s not only celebrate the Backstreet Boys, celebrate each other too!

Here’s to another twenty four years. May the Boys still be performing…

And here’s hoping we’re still fangirling (or fanboying) at shows in 2041!


Let’s Go Back, Waaaaay Back…

Every BSB anniversary, well, it makes me thoughtful. How far the group has come, how much has changed. You know, that sort of thing. I’m not alone, right? This was originally going to be the post for their 24th anniversary (that I still need to write LOL) but, I stumbled on a video I hadn’t watched (or uploaded to YouTube) till I started putting this together. Cause as massive as the media archive is, I’m still trying to get it all to a streaming site.

So I want to talk about this snapshot of their history.

This one is from the DVD that was sold for a bit, with old footage cause of Pearlman being arrested, his assets being seized. But watching it is a trip. Because the Boys? They really have come SO FAR. Nick, and AJ? They were children and now they’re men with families and kids of their own. Howie, Brian, Kevin…they were adults but barely. They were so young. And watching it, it’s just crazy.

At one point Kevin says in the video, “In case there’s any people doubting whether we’re really singing or not, this is gonna prove it to you”.

That was what set them apart. Then and now.

The BSB Residency – Fandom At It’s Best!

With ROUND TWO of the Backstreet Boys Vegas Experience about to be upon us in less than a week, I felt this post was pretty fitting. A couple weeks ago I reached out on the Fanclub and through twitter to see what you felt was the best part of #BSBVegas so far. I know what I think, now that I’ve seen the show but I wanted your thoughts! Something to get everyone who hasn’t seen the show even more hyped than they already are!

Personally, the show was so epic it inspired me to buy tickets for show this month. (Side note: There are ups and downs in having the Boys stationed in your city consistently doing shows. Like…yay Backstreet! But your wallet, it dies of abuse.) But in case you don’t believe me, just listen to your fellow fans!


Here’s just a few reasons why you will NOT regret taking part in this crazy but awesome experience.

How they make EVERY show as personal as possible.

No matter how small the gesture…

Getting to share in their joys as well.

Learning “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” BSB style!




Really, it’s the full package.


So Backstreet Boys, thank you for putting on such a show. Thank you for those moments that remind us that you appreciate us for sticking with you guys through thick and thin. Thank you for making us proud to be fans! We love every moment of this new journey you’re on. BSB in Vegas is fandom at it’s best. You’re killing it!

Who’s READY for next week to start the next round of BSB in Vegas adventures?


If you haven’t bought your tickets for #BSBVegas yet, there’s still seats available for the April shows at ticketmaster.com!

Happy Birthday Brian!


Once upon a time, in a far away land…

Okay fine. It was only Lexington, Kentucky.

There was a brave young lad…

Well, there was a high school student.

His name? Brian Thomas Littrell. He got a phone call that changed his destiny! From his older and just as lovely cousin, Kevin. Kevin wanted him to do something crazy. He had quite the request for our hero of this story. He wanted Brian to join this group. There were no promises, no guarantees that any of this would amount to anything. But he felt this group…this group could change the world.

Fine, fine, he felt this group could succeed and make their dreams come true.

Brian felt the call to duty and he left everything he knew behind for this great quest!

…He flew to Florida. I like being grandiose, okay?

And this fairy tale has a happy ending my friends, as you all know. It’s a story we like to revisit every year on April 20th. Because on that day in 1993, Brian was in Florida, meeting the other four Backstreet Boys for the very first time. The group wouldn’t be who they were without Brian. Their harmonies wouldn’t be so lovely. The vibe wouldn’t be the same. They’d tried three other people before our shorter Kentuckian came into play, and it didn’t work. This was how it was meant to be.

So thank you Brian, for deciding to accept your crazy cousin’s offer that fateful day. Thank you for sticking with the group all these years through the ups and the downs. You’re a person who can’t be duplicated. You’re someone who’s never been afraid to be who he is.

We hope you enjoy your birthday! And many more ahead!

See you next month!

What We Learn From BSB Songs: We’ve Got It Going On


Wow. We have three weeks till the BSB Residency! Time flies.

Speaking of time flying, let’s go back. ALL THE WAY BACK. I’m talking about the very first BSB single. It’s a song we all know and love…Ahhhhhh….Jam on cause Backstreet’s got it! Yup We’ve Got It Going On. The song is cheese and nostalgia and I can’t help but sing out loud just at the thought of it. The way I am as I write this post. (PS – I have a long “Thoughts We Have About The BSB Movie – 2 Years Later” post coming soon, so stay tuned!)

Let’s get going!

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