Happy Birthday Brian!


Once upon a time, in a far away land…

Okay fine. It was only Lexington, Kentucky.

There was a brave young lad…

Well, there was a high school student.

His name? Brian Thomas Littrell. He got a phone call that changed his destiny! From his older and just as lovely cousin, Kevin. Kevin wanted him to do something crazy. He had quite the request for our hero of this story. He wanted Brian to join this group. There were no promises, no guarantees that any of this would amount to anything. But he felt this group…this group could change the world.

Fine, fine, he felt this group could succeed and make their dreams come true.

Brian felt the call to duty and he left everything he knew behind for this great quest!

…He flew to Florida. I like being grandiose, okay?

And this fairy tale has a happy ending my friends, as you all know. It’s a story we like to revisit every year on April 20th. Because on that day in 1993, Brian was in Florida, meeting the other four Backstreet Boys for the very first time. The group wouldn’t be who they were without Brian. Their harmonies wouldn’t be so lovely. The vibe wouldn’t be the same. They’d tried three other people before our shorter Kentuckian came into play, and it didn’t work. This was how it was meant to be.

So thank you Brian, for deciding to accept your crazy cousin’s offer that fateful day. Thank you for sticking with the group all these years through the ups and the downs. You’re a person who can’t be duplicated. You’re someone who’s never been afraid to be who he is.

We hope you enjoy your birthday! And many more ahead!

See you next month!

What We Learn From BSB Songs: We’ve Got It Going On


Wow. We have three weeks till the BSB Residency! Time flies.

Speaking of time flying, let’s go back. ALL THE WAY BACK. I’m talking about the very first BSB single. It’s a song we all know and love…Ahhhhhh….Jam on cause Backstreet’s got it! Yup We’ve Got It Going On. The song is cheese and nostalgia and I can’t help but sing out loud just at the thought of it. The way I am as I write this post. (PS – I have a long “Thoughts We Have About The BSB Movie – 2 Years Later” post coming soon, so stay tuned!)

Let’s get going!

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Hey Nick? Happy Birthday


2017 has been a weird year so far, I think.

The weirdest though is the fact that Nick is turning 37. Goodness.

Also, I became a fan almost 21 years ago now. Shit. That’s a long time to be a fan of a group, or anyone. There’s a got to be a good reason beyond, just enjoying the music. Though music is always a major factor with BSB or, Nick solo. When I was a kid, I won’t lie and pretend I didn’t become a fan of Nick’s because he was cute. I totally did. But it’s not why I stayed a fan.

I stayed a fan, because Nick is so freaking passionate. Whether it’s about the group (Nick loves being a Backstreet Boy!), or his fandom (just check his football tweets!), or life itself. Everything, is exciting to Nick Carter. That kind of thing is infectious. That kind of thing can tend to inspire. He loves every project he does and goes nuts trying to make sure everyone is just as damn excited as he is. It’s a fun thing to watch and experience! As a fan, I never get sick of it.

I stayed a fan, because Nick cares so much about the fans. Check out how many times a week he tries to tweet the fans to show his love. Go to a VIP and see how many times he thanks you, just for being a supportive fan. Or a Walker Stalker convention. Our support, the fact we stick around? It means something to him and he tries to show it every way he can. No matter how small a way, he keeps doing what he does cause he wants us to know he appreciates it.

I stayed a fan, because Nick cares what we think. He’s constantly asking our opinions! On set lists, on performances, shows…it doesn’t matter. He cares about our opinions and really wants everything to be the best. And he knows that to make that happen, we should have a say.

I stayed a fan, because Nick isn’t perfect. He falters. He slips up. But like with AJ, that doesn’t matter. It’s the fact he gets back up, admits he screwed up, and keeps going. Cause 2016 was an interesting year for Nick. His past has it’s moments. But that’s okay. He reminds us all that yeah he can struggle at times, but he keeps going. Reminding us that anyone can have their happy ending like he does with Odin and Lauren.

I’ll stay a fan, because Nick is all of this and more. If you’re reading this Nick, you probably don’t realize how you’ve affected your fans over the years…little and big. And that’s okay. It’s the fact you have and you keep doing everything you’ve done that keeps us around. So thank you.

Happy Birthday Nick.

Thank you for being the person you are.

Happy Birthday AJ!


So, as a fan I’ve been lucky, I think. Actually this whole fandom has been lucky.Our group is still together, happy to be together and thriving! I love it. I try to support them these days in the small ways I can, with my little fan blogging corner of the internet and twitter. It’s not a lot, but it makes me happy. But when it comes to AJ, I’ve wanted to tell him things I’ve never had a proper moment to. And I’m using his birthday as a reason to, because it feels so personal. Hopefully, in a way, I’m speaking for all of us.

That’s why I’m posting this two days early.

AJ if you ever read this, I have so much respect for you. Most of us do. I think about how much things have changed over the last decade and it blows me away. Your struggles were out in the open since 2001, long before the days of social media where it became the norm. You’ve slipped up, sure. But that’s okay. You’re human. But as someone who’s had a family member struggle with your issues, I know first hand you have to want to turn it all around. So the fact you’ve kept getting back up, you’ve kept trying…that’s everything. You work your ass off for the life you deserve, and words fall short in how amazing that really is.

There’s so much to you. Like your voice…it’s funny cause I always thought it suited you so well. That sounds cheesy but it’d true, at least to me. We can hear the soul that comes out when you perform, so strong and deep, one that’s fought to be where he is today. We can feel how passionate you are when you sing. Everything you are comes out when you do.

You’re an inspiration to so many. You battled your demons to come back to be the healthy and happy father you are now. Ava and the baby McLean to come are so lucky to have you! You’re proof you can hit the bottom and still manage to rise all the way back to the top. You are an example to many.

You deserve the best birthday possible with your family and friends.

So happy birthday AJ. Thank you for your talent. Thank you for always being so kind and sweet to every fan you meet. Thank you for being so strong. Thank you for fighting.

Thank you AJ McLean, for being everything that you are.

Here’s to many more birthdays ahead!

The Countdown Is On! So Get Ready… (Here We Come!) #BSBVegas


I’ve been getting a lot of requests to do a post about the ins and outs of my city, Las Vegas. Mainly because guys, we’re closing in on the most epic thing the Boys have done yet! In less than eight weeks the Backstreet Boys Residency becomes a reality! We probably won’t hear a lot till we get closer cause trust me, there’s a lot for them to figure out and put together.

If you haven’t bought tickets yet…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Go buy tickets if you can! VIP too if possible! Go to backstreetboys.com/events. It’s okay, I can wait.

Ready? Okay.

Flights and Hotels

The best advice I was able to give was to wait until after New Years to book. Mainly because it’s the off season then so deals start popping up. Check out Expedia, traveling sites. Las Vegas is a major tourist attraction so most of the time you can get both in a bundle deal giving you both a flight and a room. And make sure you check out Wonderful Union’s travel deals as well at wonderfulunion.com to see what their deals are! They’ve put together some bundles and you should definitely shop around before deciding ultimately on what works for you.

When you do, however, be sure you google-map the casino’s proximity to the Strip. The closer you are, the easier time you’ll have. Sure, the more local casino rates for hotel rooms are cheaper…but you’ll end up spending what you save on transportation getting back down TO the Strip. You’re better off picking a casino close to Planet Hollywood if you decide not to stay there. (The good news? Uber is in Vegas now, so you don’t have to take a cab to get around! Which is great cause the cabbies out here WILL try to take the long way to get more money out of tourists. Download the app, it is a great way to get around!)

Here’s some casino suggestions if you still haven’t decided (based on proximity as room rates tend to change)

  • Planet Hollywood (they are supposed to have some deals for BSB tix holders, so call and ask them!)
  • Paris casino
  • Bellagio
  • The Cosmopolitan
  • The MGM
  • Caesars Palace



A major thing about BSB events of course, is figuring out what you want to wear and shopping your heart out. I totally get it. But while March is a cold month in most places, trust me, it usually isn’t here. Look at today, it’s almost 60 degrees out and sunny in the middle of winter! At most pack a sweatshirt or a light jacket in case it gets chilly. Vegas is known for it’s warm weather. So in April you won’t need a jacket at all, and June you’ll need LIGHT clothes. June weather is when things get nasty. I’m talking 105 out being the norm. So the key thing is, overall, dress light in March/April and bring one jacket/sweatshirt just to be safe. In June, do whatever you can to stay cool.

Things To Do

Now, I know you’re all coming out here for the Boys. It’s the best reason to go! But don’t waste your trip! There’s so much to do out here, so many things you can go see. Please, do yourself the solid and check out Vegas in it’s glory. Here’s just a few suggestions of ways to entertain yourself. (Besides gambling.)

  • The Mob Museum
  • Bellagio Fountains
  • Fremont Street (go at night)
  • The Linq Prominade
  • The Marvel Avengers¬† STATION at TI (Treasure Island)
  • Madam Tussauds
  • The Titanic Exhibition
  • Cirque du Soleil shows (remember when Nick did one in honor of Beatles LOVE on DWTS? See the show that inspired that dance!)
  • Caesars Fall of Atlantis
  • Ride the Big Shot at the Straosphere

And that’s the short list. Not to mention walking the Strip at night and seeing the sights themselves is an experience I’d never want anyone to miss. Las Vegas is a bit crazy but I’m proud of my city. And with the Fandom Family coming out here in droves, I want to do my best to show it off! Not to mention if you love dining and clubbing…well you’re set for life.

Oh wait, did I mention a DATE WITH HOWIE? Yep! You can enter the contest to win a date with Howie out here in Vegas here:  http://howied.net/#/news/286063

The Residency

Now I’ve been asked about waiting times if say you have GA tix. The thing is, the rules are the same. A residency works like a bigger and better (or…Larger Than Life, haha) concert that never leaves Vegas. So VIP, waiting in line…all of that will stay the same. I’m sure Backstreet Time will still be in effect for VIP too. (Though I hope not!) So don’t worry! The more we find out, I’ll update here.

More Questions?

Please, comment below or tweet me at @thedarksidebsb or @BSBinVegas cause I will add anything I see on to this post over the next two months! I want to help as many fans as I possibly can through this. Because this can be an epic and amazing vacation that no one will ever forget!

What We Learn From BSB Songs: More Than That


So I know I took a little break during the holidays. I’m a full time retail manager (nothing glamorous, I know) so that’s the craziest work time of the year for me. But I have returned in time for the awesomeness that is 2017. This year is going to be great! I felt it was fitting, for my first post of the year to be one of my go-to favorite posts to do…looking at the lyrics of our favorite Backstreet Boys songs.

This one? More Than That. So, let’s get going!

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BSB in Vegas – Make Your Voice Heard!

So just in case you’ve been sleeping under a rock…(confession, I overslept today or this post would’ve been up earlier, sorry! LOL.) Our Boys are planning their Vegas series of shows. They need our help! Do you want to see them perform songs from This Is Us , Unbreakable, and In A World Like This? Nick is asking the fans to tell them and show want songs they’d want to see in the show!

Like I’ve said in an earlier post, we’d love to heard some not-so-commonly-heard songs so this opportunity is amazing! We’re collaborating with What Happens On The Backstreet to round up what songs you wanna hear most.

So please, vote in the survey!

UPDATEThe votes keep coming in and the survey is now closed due to so many votes! We created a new one. Please vote in the new link instead!


The Future Is Bright My Friends!


So we’re only a few weeks away from 2016 and per usual, the end of the year kind of  brings some contemplation. Over what’s happened, over what’s going to happen, stuff like that. It’s been a weird year in all honesty. Not all of it bad. The fandom has become such a great place, even better than before. I’ve been befriending so many new people this year, I’ve seen fans really coming together and it’s lovely. I know the wait for some major group stuff has been painful. There wasn’t a BSB tour this year, no new album, but the wait is going to be worth it. When you break it down…

2017 is looking pretty damn good!

The Boys are getting SO much attention now and there looks to be no end in sight. More than they have in awhile. It’s amazing. The 90s are trendy again and a lot of casual fans are remembering the boyband they thought they moved on from. Plus, because of this whole 90s revival thing going on? New, younger fans are coming in! It’s beautiful even if it’s a bit weird feeling for those of us who’ve been in the fandom since we were their age. We’ve got TV specials they’re being featured in, they’re breaking sales records when it comes to how fast their residency tickets sold…it’s lovely insanity. (I mean they’re the fastest selling residency in Vegas, that’s including Britney’s y’all.) And if you haven’t bought tickets yet from backstreetboys.com…take it from this Vegas girl, do it. You’ll be happy you did.

Speaking of the Residency, it’s almost here! It felt like a long wait, mainly because they sort of teased it long before they were supposed to. But think about it, March 1st is only three months away! That’s not long at all! That’s a double-digit day countdown. Who else is looking forward to a new level of Backstreet Show? We don’t know what’s coming yet but damn I’m excited. Residency shows are bigger, crazier, and man…how can you do that to already epic concerts? Not sure but come on, we’re all waiting happily to see.

An acoustic album is FINALLY happening. No they didn’t say a release date quite yet but they’ve been recording it. They’ve got the time so I can’t see it being any later than the end of 2017. We’ve been asking for acoustic albums/concerts for ages. So seeing it become a reality gives me a warm fuzzy I’m pretty sure we all share at this point.

The New BSB Album is supposed to be out in 2017. Just because we haven’t heard much in a bit doesn’t mean it’s not still in the works. Look at how they’ve managed to surprise us this year! It takes a lot for the Boys to spring things on us (we got dubbed the BSB CIA for a reason…) but look at how the acoustic album got past us. We had NO clue until AJ and Howie mentioned it! They’ve been working, so have faith. They’re not going anywhere and neither is that new music. They’re building it, and that new album will come.

2017 is going to be amazing. I know there’s a lot going on in the world and not all of it pleasant. But the best thing in life is when it gets rough, is to focus on the positives coming as well. And there’s definitely SO MUCH in our amazing fandom.  The group we love has everything going right for them right now. They’re visible, their tickets just keep on selling, there’s multiple projects in the works…it’s never been a better time to be a Backstreet Boys fan!

Thank you Boys, for everything you’ve done and will do!

Here’s to 2017!