Love and Light – From The Fans To You, Nick

I'm inspired by a video of Sharna's. In it, she doesn't insult. She doesn't shame. There was no negativity allowed. She simply talks about the Nick she knows. I loved it. And it's what I want to do!  As someone who's gone through several tumultuous years, the biggest lesson I've ever learned is that life …

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#BoyBand – It’s About Inspiring Others [Recap Nine]

Dude, so Boy Band is over next week. Nick, I will miss seeing you on my TV every week. So, the final eight - Brady, Sergio, Chance, Mikey, Drew, Marcus, Jaden and Michael. I had my Fantasy Five Boy Band set. I had them locked down. Or so I thought. Maybe it's because they're doing …

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#BoyBand – You Have To Find That Magic [Recap Eight]

Sorry about the delay in posting this! Had some internet issues so while I could write this I couldn't post it. So let's talk about tonight's episode, shall we? Before TLC or Destiny's Child...there was En Vogue. I loved that this was how we opened the show. They were amazing, they still are amazing. Just, …

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