Once upon a time, there was a forum called LiveDaily.

At this forum, there happened to be some moderators that a fairly large group of posters thought were unfair (due to bans over Jello…), so a lovely fan named Emma began a new message board we could go to instead. Given how we were seen as an unruly bunch, we dubbed it The Dark Side. That was back in February 2010. We were told it wouldn’t last, that we’d come back. But we not only outlived that forum, we outlived the After Live Daily forum that followed. We’ve held strong ever since as the largest English-speaking Backstreet Boys forum left on the internet.

We’ve tried to grow since then, forming a twitter @TheDarkSideBSB and now this is our very own website. We hope this will be at least half as successful as our forum! We’ll have discussions, updates, polls, whatever we think the fandom might enjoy.

You can tweet us or contact us at bsbdarkside@gmail.com.

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