I Just Want You To Know…(What’s In The Works In 2018)


Whenever Backstreet feels like it’s at a lull, it feels like there’s nothing happening. But there’s more happening than you think! It may not be happening this moment, but there’s a lot of irons in the fire for our favorite five right now. So while I know (all too well) how hard Backstreet Time can be…I figured now is the best time to refresh on everything we know is happening this year. Or is at least in the works this year. Knowing all this, it’s easier to be patient. And it’s easy to remember how lucky we are as a fandom. It could be worse, our band could’ve stopped existing (like NSYNC, for example. No offense to their fans, just pointing out how lucky we are our group is still together and churning out more and more projects!) So let’s look ahead! ( I’ll be adding things as they get announced and deleting things after they’ve happened. )


Solo Projects

I do cover this in way more detail in another post here. But to recap?

  • AJ’s solo album
  • Nick’s solo album
  • Howie’s musical
  • Con appearances!
  • Nick’s solo tour

Basically, even when the group is “quiet” at least one or more Backstreet Boys can’t keep still. In the best of ways!


Backstreet BBQ

Okay so admittedly I know nothing beyond the TMZ article about this. But DUDE, I’d go in a heartbeat. Especially if it launched here in Vegas. But no matter where it launched, at some point it’d inspire a road-trip/fangirl pilgrimage to the restaurant. I actually have to say I’m really excited. I’ve been to a Walking Dead coffee shop in the city they film the show? It’s great. Just the little things that would make you squeal on the inside. And the outside. Lots of squealing. We may not know when this is happening (or if it’ll ever be fully realized) but it’scool to imagine, right? And we’ve already had some fun dreaming up menu ideas…


The New Album (and the tour that’ll follow)

It’s happening guys. I know the single release was delayed. I know the waiting is killing everyone. But I promise, it’s happening. Trust in the Boys. Trust in the group that has never let us down. It’s coming. We’re only three months into 2018. It’ll happen. If you want to see everything we know about the album so far – I have a post tracking each and every detail which also links to posts from 2017 tracking more details in this recording process if you want all the information. And it’s a lot of info. I would rather have them give us an album they feel is ready, than for them to rush one out to satisfy us. They get ONE shot at using the momentum Vegas has given them to get everyone’s attention. And so we have to give them the time to do it right.

The single is out and in the promotional interviews have said they will be touring in 2019!

They’ve also said the album should be out this fall! (September/October)

Second single they’re looking at end of August/Early September!



I know not everyone can do Vegas. But if you can, they’ve added SO many more dates so you have plenty of opportunities! The Vegas experience is like none other. You can walk through the casinos and see more of “our kind” aka fellow fans proudly displaying their fandom! You can check out the BSB elevators, poker tables…though we are still waiting on a BSB Slot Machine. And if you can do Vegas, do it right. You can add in an Afterparty whenever they get announced. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll see more solo events. Nick and Howie both did one back in February so here’s hoping they keep that up! So if you can do it? Make it happen! Life is short, get the concert tickets!

The last dates for the BSB Residency have been announced. I urge you to go see it before it’s gone!




There’s likely more coming, we just don’t know it yet! I’ll keep updating this post! So stay tuned!


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