Backstreet’s Upcoming Album – All The Details – 2018 Edition

It’s a new year and hopefully a new album cycle coming! I know it’s hard to keep the faith since I’ve done posts featuring a 2016 Album Updates Post and one known as the 2017 Edition. Both of which I’m linking so that way any and all previous details are there for you guys to go through. The wait has been long but I just KNOW it will be worth it! That said I was waiting for the news that the Boys were returning back to the studio so I could create this post.

They were last known to be working with Steve Aoki…

They also had said during their Christmas Show in Connecticut that the plan was a single in March, and World Tour that’ll continue into 2019! (And somehow in between ALL of that, more #BSBVegas dates!)

But this is the 2018 post right? So why am I posting this refresher? Because they were BACK IN THE STUDIO YESTERDAY! Get excited!

January 21st

Another day in the studio!

January 23rd

Another recording day!

Then Nick did us ALL a solid and tipped off the fandom to a new producer they’re working with!

Who is he? He’s been a producer since the 90s and has worked with a lot of people. Most recently he’s had songs on Kesha’s latest album Rainbow (which I love). He’s worked with Kylie Minogue, Selena Gomez, Pet Shop Boys, Brian McFaddon, Guy Sebastian, etc. Here’s one of the songs he did with Kesha and I’ll also link the most recent song he did with Guy Sebastian to give you an idea of the music he makes.

January 31st

So, if you’re a Bruno Mars fan, as I am, you’ll love this. The Stereotypes, a group of producers who worked on Bruno’s last album 24K Magic, have been working with the Boys according to Forbes!

Read The Full Article Here

February 1st

So, if you guys didn’t know, BSB are performing at this year’s I Heart Awards.

And guess what? Brian confirmed they will be PERFORMING NEW MUSIC!

February 2nd

Remember my mention of Steve Aoki up above? He confirmed they did collaborate on a song! Not we’re not sure if it’ll be on an album of his, or if it’ll be on BSB’s. Either way – it’s coming!

While we last heard about the Steve Aoki and the Backstreet Boys collaboration last November, The Sun recently confirmed that a collaboration is indeed in the works.

โ€œWe [The Backstreet Boys] are working on music together. If itโ€™s going to be on their album or my album, Iโ€™m not even sure. We live in the same neighbourhood so he came into my studio,โ€ said Steve Aoki to The Sun newspaper.


February 6th

During the Twitter Q&A they played a clip of the single!

February 7th

I was at the #BSBVegas show that night. That morning AJ said they played the song for iHeart and radio execs. Apparently they LOVED the new single. He kept saying we’d hear it VERY soon. Now we know we’ll hear it at the iHeart Awards. But me? I think we might hear it sooner!


I’ll update this when we get more news so keep checking in!


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