#BoyBand – No One Is Safe [Recap Six]

If nothing else drove that home, tonight did. Mainly because well, someone went home that SHOULD NOT have in my opinion, and my rage basically told me I've gotten invested in this show! When did happen? Okay yeah I've been blogging it every week but that's because of Nick. I'd be doing that whether I …

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#BoyBand – Livin’ On A Prayer [Recap Five]

Sorry about the delay, had to work. Real life stinks. So this week we have the top fourteen. Each of them split up into new groups and I actually like this. Mainly because it really does give them a chance to find what works. Sometimes I get confused but the purpose makes me happy enough …

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#BoyBand – What You Do As Brothers [Recap Four]

"It's not just about how you sing, but what you do as brothers." Wise words from NSYNC's Chris Kirkpatrick, one of the special guests as Boy Band went live for the very first time this week. It's in the line of what Nick's been saying since the pilot and it's something that once again rang …

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