Five Reasons Why You Should Go See Nick at Walker Stalker Con

So in case you haven’t heard…Nick is going to be at Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta!
This is a big deal, trust me. I might be biased. I’m a huge Walking Dead fangirl. If I had to rate my fandoms in order, it’d be BSB and then Walking Dead. If I could swing it into my work schedule I’d be flying out in a heartbeat just for Andrew Lincoln and Nick Carter being in the same room. Since I can’t…well, I will give you guys the top five reasons why it will definitely be worth the time and money to go to Walker Stalker Atlanta. (Since I went to the one in Chicago back in May, you can trust me!)

5. You Can Meet A Lot Of Zombie Related Celebrities!

You might think it’s only Walking Dead cast (which okay, for me that’s awesome). But it’s not. When I was in Chicago one of the staff told me that Atlanta is the biggest Walker Stalker Con they do. Mainly because it’s where The Walking Dead films so they can get most/all the cast from there. But they don’t stop there. You can meet the man who played Freddy on the classic Nightmare on Elm Street, cast from Night Of The Living Dead, Friday the 13th and more. You can get not only Nick, but lots of other greats if you love horror movies the way I do.

4. It’s Less Stressful Than A BSB Event

And it’s awesome. Because this will be outside what you’re used to, you won’t be surrounded by BSB Fans competing for attention at a concert. This is a convention where while there are TONS of fans everywhere (dressed up usually), you’ll be able to just walk up to a table and chat with Nick, and possibly get a photo/selfie with him. (Pretty cheap too, compared to BSB VIP prices!) The laid back vibe is beautiful. Other fans who are there to see him too? They’ll be just as relaxed. It’s awesome.

3. Panels and Interviews

Ever wanted to ask Nick something? You can. I got to at the Dead 7 panel when I went to the Chicago Walker Stalker Con. They have an open Q&A portion at the panels where if you want, you can walk up to the mike and ask questions. I had asked if they ever thought about doing a prequel so we can get some backstories on the characters showing how they got to where they were at the start of Dead 7. Sadly not so much but Nick still wants to keep doing like an American Horror series of movies with SyFy (same cast, new movies/plots). Another fan asked them to sing In The End and they did! So you can feel up close and personal.

My video of that. (Sorry about the shaky hand…)

They also do on the spot interviews in this little sectioned area in the middle of the convention floor. You just walk up and listen as they answer questions. No one shoved, no one pushed. Everyone was calm and you had a great view. It’s not something always available in “our world” so to speak, of BSB. So here’s another way to enjoy your fandom. And outside your fandom! You’re getting many for the price of one! You can hop from one panel or interview to the next. One of my favorite interviews was from Robin Lord Taylor, he had a bit part on Walking Dead and now stars on Gotham.

There’s a reason Nick geeks out at these events too, even when he’s a guest.

2. The Price

The event itself is no more than 50$ each day (depending on what day you go) but you can also buy a ticket that gives you admission for all three days. Not bad for interviews and panels, plus the freedom to approach Nick (and other celebrities) at their table. And the photo ops? Beyond cheaper than any you’d get at the concert VIPs – not that it ever stops us from doing those too when we can. When you have a chance to get all these perks at a decent price, grab it!

1. It’s An Excuse To Get a Zombie Photo With Nick


I mean, Nick is flat out telling you guys to do this.

Mind you, my friend Julie and I did this before it was cool LOL. To this day it’s one of our favorite pictures though! Why not have fun, be silly and dress up as a member of the undead? You’ll get a unique photo with our youngest Backstreet Boy and he’ll probably love it. Scratch that, he will love it. Cause he’s Nick and he’s a nerd like the rest of us. So go for it!

Trust me, you guys won’t regret it. You’ll love every moment. Especially if you’re as much of a zombie lover as I am. But even if you’re not…you’ll still love it!

So go and buy tickets for Walker Stalker Con when you can! you still can! He’ll be there all three days – October 27th – 29th!



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