The Five Stages of Fans With New BSB Music

So…after every dry spell where we fans are forced to live without new music from our favorite group, a new song is like finding an oasis within a vast desert.  Whether it’s a collaboration (rare but as we see it DOES happen!) or a new album…

There’s just those feelings that rise up to the surface. We just can’t help it. Really.

(At least, that’s what we tell everyone who thinks we’re crazy!)

1. The Freak Out


2. The Rush Online To Find The New Song


3. Feeling A Joy You Know Only Happens When You Hear Their Voices In A New Song


4. Playing The Song On Repeat Over And Over Till You Learn ALL THE LYRICS
(Because you WILL learn the lyrics even if it kills you)


5. Knowing That Your Boys Are BACK And Like Them You’re Not Going Anywhere!


But in all seriousness, go through the stages again! Check out BSB’s new song with Florida-Georgia Line: “God, Your Mama, and Me” available to buy on iTunes or to stream on Spotify now! You can also get it on Google Play and on Amazon Music!


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