Summertime Sadness

You’ve heard the news by now and there’s no easy way to say it:  the Backstreet Boys will not be touring this summer.


As much as I normally love giving people bad news (example: “actually no, that isn’t low fat yogurt you’re eating”), this one kinda hurts.  We expected it not because we’re awful demanding people but because we’ve been told over the past several months that it was happening.  We still have quite a bit to look forward to in 2016, and Kevin didn’t rule out a tour starting this year – just that it won’t be this summer.  So we can’t be too upset knowing we still have an entire new Backstreet Boys album, promo, and hopefully some performances to look forward to.

I, at the very least, appreciate that one of the Boys stepped up and told a fan not only the truth but a very relevant piece of information for our financial planning.  Personally, I look forward to the summer just for concerts and it’s a picking a choosing game every year.  How much money can I spend and to whom should it go?  Whenever the Backstreet Boys are touring, I need to give special consideration to this dilemma.  Tickets, VIPs, and after parties, oh my!! Dorothy’s options were more dangerous, sure, but at least they were less expensive….

ANYWAY, now that we’re all comfortable with the fact that the Boys will probably be doing promo in the later part of the year and we won’t be emptying our pockets and emotional stores for the concert ticket rush, how should we spend our summer?  I have many suggestions and I’m sure you’ll be shocked to hear they’re all Backstreet Boys related!

First of all, there’s that little tidbit about Baylee being on Broadway that we covered when we discussed the next album cycle.   Our friend Sara over at What Happens On The Backstreet covered it in more detail here and since The Littrell Clan will be in NYC until June what say we all take a trip to the Big Apple to get our baby Backstreet on? One day when Baylee blows up, you can say you saw him way back when.  Another plus is that I can’t imagine Leighanne and Brian will be far… I mean, SOMEONE has to pick that kid up from his job!  He might act grown, but we know Baylee can’t just wander around NYC on his own.  If you need a Backstreet fix and could use a night out of entertainment, this might be the perfect fit.

We all know Nick is touring this winter/spring for his album All American, but no one is sure what the hell Aj is doing in terms of touring his album.  Aj was close to completing his album, then titled The Anthem (though it appears that has changed), but decided to go back into the studio after reconnecting with Johnny Wright.  I can’t fault Aj for finding new material and wanting to deliver his best to us, but I can cross my fingers and toes he churns something out in time to do some solo shows this summer!  Aj has done some spotty solo touring in the past but never a full nationwide (or worldwide!) tour on his own.  I’d personally love to see what he can do, and it would be a great event to tide me over until the Boys are ready to kick things off.

Like Aj, Kevin is another wild card.  He’s had an album ‘ready’ for months – and that’s not according to fan speculation, that’s according to the man’s Twitter account.  Kevin is notoriously picky with music so it’s possibly he’s continued to tinker with it as Aj has and just hasn’t been ready to release it.  It’s also possible the Boys’ recording schedule is the current priority and he doesn’t have time to focus as much as he’d like on his solo venture.  That being said, I can’t think of any better way to pass the time between Backstreet albums/tour cycles than seeing more of the Boys perform.  If Kevin decided he were to play 15-20 shows at small venues here and there…?  Oh I’d be here… AND there… I’d be all over the damn place to hear Mr. Richardson croon Back to Your Heart.

I can hear you muttering.  I know what you’re saying:  two of the three things listed above are mostly wishes.  I NEED MY BACKSTREET FIX JACLYN!!  HOW DO I GET MY BACKSTREET FIX!


When was the last time you watched the 20th Anniversary Fan event?  It’s on YouTube in HD.  Need some throwbacks?  Oh well, Rose has turned the TDS YouTube page into a mecca for BSB fans in need of media.  Be careful though, I’ve fallen into more k-holes on that page than I’d like to admit.  I won’t even tell you about the time I was up until 3am because I kept repeating Nick Carter dancing to the Downton Abbey theme song on Dancing with the Stars.  I won’t.

If YouTube isn’t your thing, the Darkside Forum is always keeping me busy. Remember what I said earlier about liking to deliver bad news?  I’m like the black hole of posters on there, so it’s always fun to come and fight me! (You: “I like this thing!” Me: “I dislike this thing!” You: “Fight me!” Me: “Here’s a picture of Howie and his kids!” Us: “AWWWWWWWWWWW” *internet hugs*)

I’d tell you to check out the Backstreet Boys website to pass the time but we all know how I feel about that already… so instead maybe go there and count how many 404 errors you can come up with.  Like a depressing Easter egg hunt for Backstreet Boys fans! First one to get to 10 wins a pair of $5 leggings!

My final suggestion is to dust off those old VHS tapes I know you have.  You might need to go on eBay and buy a VHS player to make this one work, but it will be well worth it to see how often you messed up trying to stop and start recording around commercial breaks.  Better yet, watching those old commercials from 1999 and how much (or little) things have changed!  I mean, we now live in a world without McDonald’s being able to Super Size things so…. yeah.  Those tapes are like time capsules of memories you didn’t even know you had.

I hope this gets you all through the summer, but if you have better ideas definitely feel free to share them in the comments!


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