#NameBabyCarter Round 3!


I’m really excited to be back for yet another round of #NameBabyCarter where we are naming Jay Z’s next child… NO! This is for Nick Carter!  Though I am now kind of flabbergasted that I did not include ‘Blew Ivy’ as an option… missed opportunities abound.

ANYWAY, you all know how this works at this point, correct?  We poll everyone for 24 hours on Twitter to determine what we should #NameBabyCarter.  For reviews of round one and round two, click here and here.

We had another tie in round two but that worked in our favor after the tie in round one messed up our brackets.  I also completed effed up one of the brackets in our polling so I’ve reconfigured (ie: typed stuff in a different spot) the battles.

First up, is Bailey vs. Neo.  The fact that Liam Neeson couldn’t be Neo is both appalling and unrealistic.  Have you seen Taken?  Yes, Neo can bend time and space but what is that really good for against LIAM NEESON?!  UGH!  Bailey also made it through because apparently you guys really like the idea of Frick and Frack having a 2.0 version so here goes:

Next up is a battle between a classic name and a more creative pick. Jack Carter is holding on strong with solid back to back wins. (I think it has something to do with the picture I posted of Jack Dawson. I blame none of you.) Duking it out with Jack is Ridley Carter, a nod to Ridley Scott’s obsession with aliens/space which we all know Nick Carter loves!


Now, Nylo Carter was fan recommended as a combo of Lauren and Nick. Unique? Check. Meaningful? Check. It actually had been eliminated and reshuffled into our brackets due to a tie. In the last round, Nylo actually came in with 50% of the vote. So it survives yet another round and makes it here to the semi-finals against all odds! Charlie Carter has been a force in this competition, though, so let’s see how Nylo holds up against a name that rolls off the tongue so easily!



Finally, we come to Link vs. KEVIN Carter. Link is a popular Nintendo character. Classic, actually. And I’m positive Nick Carter has spent entire days on that gaming system. Kevin….. is relentless lol. Not sure if we just have a lot of Kevin Richardson fans out there or if you all just like your plain Jane names that much but I can still get behind Kevin Carter. If the baby is born with a serious eyebrow game, I’d cry tears of joy.


And there you have it.  Next time we regroup, we’ll have only TWO NAMES to decide what we’ll #NameBabyCarter.  We’ve come a long way, ladies and gentlemen.  Hopefully, whatever we pick, Lauren won’t try to track us down using IP addresses so she can strangle us!


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