The Next Era


Today I turned on my computer at work, stared vacantly into my Outlook messages, contemplated humanity…and decided I would rather take some time to explore the new Backstreet Boys album.

Not long ago, we published a post with the hopes that the fellas would work with more female writers and producers. So far, it looks like it’s still a Boys club (pun!), but that won’t quell our excitement.

Jacob Kasher (who also goes by the name Jay Cash), has been tapped to work with the Boys.  Kasher has worked with a surprisingly wide variety of artists including Kylie Minogue, Kesha, Weezer, Lifehouse, Selena Gomez, Kevin Rudolf, and Jessie J.  Kasher also worked on one of the few songs I enjoyed, Drive My Car, from the Nick and Knight album.  So far, so good – right?  Right.

Then this happened and the fandom had a collective musical orgasm:

Jordan James has been working with Aj on his new album and if this one small clip is any indication of the direction the Boys’ album will take, I’m ready to be floored.

…Go back and play it again.  I’ll wait.

That’s Kevin.  KEVIN.

Sorry, I just had to go back and play it three more times as I reflect upon all of the years that Howie and Kevin weren’t allowed to sing.  This is actually a perfect example of what we discussed in a previous post about the Boys being more versatile than they give themselves credit for from a vocal perspective.  Does anyone else remember when Kevin and Brian were inducted into the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame and we got to hear Kevin sing verses on Larger Than Life?  No?  Oh lemme remind you then:

How fucking cool was that?!  I really hope that this album doesn’t inspire me to start some sort of non-profit, Let Kevin Sing, Dammit! campaign.  If this album has a song that only features Kevin and Howie I will cry tears of Backstreet joy.  C’mon Boys, give the people what they want!! (If anyone mentions the Italian version of Quit Playing Games you’re banished from the fandom.  That doesn’t count!)

Now that you’re all properly excited for the next release, let’s talk Backstreet Time, shall we?

We have a few variables already in place: the BSB Cruise will be taking place in early May, which looks to be the promotional kick-off for the new album cycle.  We also know the Boys have signed a very lucrative deal with LiveNation and while they have a fair bit of time to complete 150 shows, the more business savvy among us would bet that the goal is to extend or sign a new deal by the end of 2016.

After all, the Boys did a total of 176 shows over two years for the In A World Like This tour. In 2014 alone, the Boys grossed over $30 million through ticket sales (I sometimes imagine what the VIP/After Party total revenue looks like and faint). So I’d say they’re a pretty good bet for LiveNation in terms of profitability.  For a group that can’t push a million albums anymore, their ticket sales have remained impressively steady for several years.  While they’re still a sure bet to sell out shows in North America, there are also a number of thirsty audiences in Australia, parts of Europe, and South America (I see you, wild women!  I know you can’t get enough of these Boys and that 10 shows in SA over a two  year period was NOT enough!!). Not to mention the fact that the Boys haven’t graced any part of Africa with their presence since Black and Blue. There are fans out there – there is Demand.  The Boys could probably throw tickets up for 50 shows in the USA right now and sell out without new material.  Shit, the same can be said of those incredibly dedicated fans in Asia that keep the Boys coming back every album cycle!

But there is one further bit of information that recently came out of the most recent Wylee-related event, Christmas in Alpharetta.  Sandy Lo, a journalist and avid BSB fan, was lucky enough to attend the event and picked up this tidbit that she was so kind to share on her blog.

I did manage to find out in my oh-so-brief interview that BSB have six songs recorded from the new album and they hope to release it in the summer of 2016.


Sandy also shared the news that young Baylee will be in a musical in NYC which means a 6 month relocation for the Littrells.  Congrats Baylee (*bows again to Sandy, while muttering “we are not worthy! we are not worthy!”)!!!  He’s set to start in January meaning one of the five loves of our lives will be there until June… right before the album drop. Should make for an easy commute to all that promo, right Brok?!

Well there you have it.  That’s all that we currently know about the new album, plus now we know new things about Baylee, plus I haven’t had to look at my email for an hour as I drafted this. I hope you enjoyed this little status update and if any other news comes in feel free to hit up our forum (I stole all of this information from there anyway!).