#NameBabyCarter – Round 2!!!


I’m proud to say that the first round of voting for #NameBabyCarter was successful.  The followers we have on Twitter are a funny bunch, that’s for sure!

You can check the final results of the first round of #NameBabyCarter here.  I know with the holidays coming up you’re all checked out of your jobs and other such nonsense, so why not spend some time helping Nickolas name his baby boy?

I’d like to firstly acknowledge the most important thing about this voting process: I am so proud of all of you for moving Liam Neeson Carter into round two!!  If that isn’t a win I don’t know what is!

Also, we had the precarious situation of a 50/50 split on one of our polls, so we’ve reintroduced the fan suggested Nylo Carter (Nick + Lauren) into a bonus round.  All this means is that instead of getting to vote for 6 names, you get 7.

Now might also be a good time to remind each of you that Lauren Kitt Carter is going to hate us all for the following suggestions… but imagine if they used any of them?!  I’m partial to Teddy and Charlie Carter at the moment, but let’s see what all of you are thinking.  You have 24ish hours to vote on the below and after the holiday we’ll head into the semi-finals!

Still pulling for Liam Neeson for the win but I have a feeling we’ll have some Keanu Reeves fans popping up all over the place…

To me, Jack means the following:


So… I vote Jack.  (“Your name is Jaclyn!” – you; *plugs fingers in ears “lalalalalalalalalala” – me)

This poll is a lot of fun because both names are inspired by the movie Alien – which we all know Nick is a fan of.  Ridley Scott directed the classic film and Ripley was the name of the main character in the movie.  Both are pretty rad options, IMO, so I’m excited to see which makes the cut.  I think we can all stay pretty confident that if either name were chosen, the baby wouldn’t end up looking like this:


The above is yet another great battle. Link and Cloud Carter ended up with an unexpected tie so we’ve put Nylo Carter back in rotation to duke it out with a beloved Nintendo character!

Teddy is super cute, but as a fan of Kevin Scott Richardson this one is close for me. Both sound cuddly and lovable in my book!

SO MANY C’S!!!!!!! Charlie Carter is so fucking adorable I can hardly stand it. Of course, Nick’s dad is also named Charles – but I’m not sure he needs a proper version here, just stick with Charlie. Cloud is another great pick submitted by Rose. As a fan of Final Fantasy myself, I wouldn’t be disappointed if this made it to another round!

Last but not least we have the Brian Littrell inspired Bailey Carter vs. Carter Carter!! Carter Kitt Carter sounds pretty awesome actually… let’s see what you all think!

Can’t wait to come back for the semi-finals after the holidays. Hope you all enjoy voting on #NameBabyCarter with us!


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