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The blog has been really Nick Carter heavy lately and I am making you all a personal promise that all of my posts after DWTS wraps will be about the other fella’s in some capacity.  That being said, we have something pretty pressing to deal with before we can fully move forward – Naming Baby Carter.

As you’re all well aware by this point, Nick and Lauren are having their first child together and we’re all giddy with excitement for the couple.  Babies are great!  They’re all adorable and full of curiosity about the things we take for granted.  I’m thrilled for Nick and can’t wait to see the reality show home videos.

But before we get ahead of ourselves we need to name this kid!  Nick named his dog Nacho, so we feel like we’re just as qualified (if not more so) to name his baby for him.  We’ll start with 24 names and narrow them down March Madness style until we vote for the best of the bunch.  In our brackets, you’ll see that we’ve put the battling Baby Carter names along with a quick explanation of their inspiration.

Our brackets are so out of control we had to split them up so you could really appreciate them.  Here is round one, section one:


And here is round one, section two:


We encourage all of you to vote, vote, vote and give feedback on your favorite name on Twitter using the #NameBabyCarter hashtag.  Some of you were suggesting names like Christopher, Michael, Anthony, and John… to that I say in my best Tim Gunn voice: BOOOOOOORING.  So let’s get to the voting!!!

(Disclaimer: Someone already voted for the name Justin Randall Carter and this game suddenly feels like a variation of Thunder Dome…)

I’m so down for Neo over Bruno but Bruno has such a ‘I’m gonna wear leather and be buff like my mom’ feel to it… I’m still torn.


Nick Jr. would make me laugh ever time. Do all men have the ego for it?

We could also just name this baby KBAHN.

I need those that voted for Justin Randall to identify themselves.  I have questions.

I think if he named his kid Aaron I’d legit die. You’d need to dig me up just so we can be sure we all witnessed this reality together.

Carter Carter is so Duran Duran.. but Meatloaf Carter sounds delicious.

This might be my favorite battle along with the next one…


Charlie Carter is just too much for me to handle, but still no love for Winky?! YOU VOTED FOR JUSTIN RANDALL BUT NO WINKY VOTES YET?!

As an admirer of Kevin Scott Richardson I love this.. but Nylo is so creative!

So I guess we know which spelling of Bailey you all prefer…

Can’t wait to see the final results and play another round of #NameBabyCarter with all of you!


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