AJingle Bells


Aj has been busy lately making Instagram videos about how he’ll release an album eventually, maybe, at some point before the sun collapses in on itself.  KIDDING!  We love you Aj, and we’re excited to report that he has a few upcoming events you might be interested in!

Aj has been a strong supporter of VH1’s Save the Music Foundation for literally decades, so it’s no surprise he’ll be performing at the Rock the Schools Concert’s 5th Anniversary Bash.  The even will take place TOMORROW in Los Angeles, California and will feature and all star line up of guests.  Our dearest Aj will be pulling double duty as he will not only be performing but will be hosting the pre-show VIP event!
All event info can be found here: http://www.pr.com/press-release/647161
All ticketing info can be found here: http://www.promenadeprgroup.com/
Aj hosting any event sounds exactly right.  Does anyone else remember the Backstreet Boys’ 20th Anniversary event in LA?  The Boys graciously invited JoJo Wright from KISS FM to host and he……didn’t need to be there at all.  Aj hosted the whole thing.  Aj hosted the whole thing so hard you’d imagine he was channeling Carson Daily.
So it comes as no surprise that Aj has agreed to host yet another event on December 17th, in Orlando, Florida.  This show is being hosted by a local radio station, XL106.7 and is called XL’ent Xmas.  I need to give a digital high five to the intern that came up with that because I giggle every time I say it.
Word has just gotten out that Howie will now be co-hosting the event with Aj.  Let’s all form a prayer circle for Howie who will likely not get to speak at all once the sound engineers turn on Aj’s mic.
All event info along with ticket information can be found at Live Nation.
Did everyone enjoy the title for this post?  Did you cringe at the foolery?  I embarrass myself for you and I don’t even get any love for it!  The shame!
Anyway, if you’re going to one of these events we’d love to hear from you.  Give us a shout on the Twitter, via email, or at the TDS Forum.

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