DWTS Week Seven: Movie Classics


Well, we’re back with another DWTS recap and I have to admit this show has convinced me I care about dancing. I didn’t think it was possible, but I’ve come to accept it.

Today the teams are recreating famous movie dances. I’m here for anything that involves Grease so I’m pleased Hayes is first up with You’re The One That I Want. I can’t imagine the pressure of doing this performance in front of Olivia Newton-John. It would be like me singing a Backstreet Boys song to Nick – my face is on fire just thinking about the embarrassment. Carrie Ann tells Hayes he’s a stud and I hear some girls in the audience hit puberty. Eck…

Bruno is wearing an inverted suit and I’m irritated he has the good fortune of sitting next to Olivia.

Andy is up next doing a jazz routine inspired by Singing In The Rain and it apparently goes over well with the judges. Andy’s face is still a problem for me and I’m having a hard time understanding how he has fans. Leah isn’t able to get a question in but Andy manages to answer them and also give Gene Kelly an uncomfortable ‘from the other side of the grave’ shout out. Andy is awarded four straight 10’s and I’m dry heaving.

Alexa’s famous movie dance is….a Britney Spears performance. At first I thought it was at least performed at the MTV Movie Awards, but nah it was the music awards. Alexa is worried about the snake but I’m worried about the integrity of these themes. Why even have a theme? Respect the theme!! *dances to Britney for 3 minutes*

We should have a theme night of just Britney music.

I wish Nick would sing Lucky. Once. Just once.

I can’t write anything else about Carlos or Alexa because they’re hypnotically boring.

Bindi and Derek are bringing us back to the theme with a Dirty Dancing inspired number. True story: one of my coworkers thought Patrick Swayze died of a drug overdose. I didn’t speak to her for a week. Jennifer Grey shows up and no one recognizes her after the nose job without a caption. The dance goes well and the lift is so awkward looking I laugh into my jello. (It was rather messy, I’d advise against laughing into jello.) The judges love them and Bindi is awarded a 40 like that douche popsicle Andy.

Tom clears up my theme confusion by letting us know this is just a famous dance/performance theme…or something. Whatever, it means that Paula Deen can do Madonna’ s famous performance of Vogue. I hope we never see Paula again. I’d rather take a minute to admire what a beautiful original performance this was. I hope one day we see Kanye go all Victorian on us during an award show.

The spoken word part in Vogue never gets old.

Leah is as bad if not worse than Erin Andrews. I’m very excited to read her book about escaping Scientology but would like her off my screen.

Carlos needs to talk less (and wear less.)

Nick is up next with Saturday Night Fever!! Nick does a John Travolta impression and then hits the dance floor. Doing the samba and matching the original choreography is insane. I have no idea how well they’ve done just by watching them because the judges are unpredictable. The reviews are a mixed bag and Nick and Sharna are send back to be tortured by Leah.

Nick ends up with his first 10’s of the competition and they come in fast and furious as he scores a 39 out of 40. I’m thrilled that he finds himself among the elite dancers and am infuriated that Andy could fall into any cohort of people dubbed ‘elite.’

Alek does a Jailhouse Rock jive and Tamar does an impressive version of Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation.

And the dancer eliminated this week is…..


Alright folks, you know what comes next – VOTE!!


You have ONE HOUR after the show to vote (in your time zone). So vote! Call from 8pm to 11. You can call and vote up to nine times. NINE.

Online:  You go to ABC.com and it will open at 5pm PT (8pm EST) and stays open till 5pm PT (8pm EST) the next day. The number of votes are limited each week based on the number of contestants left on the show. You’ll be told how many votes you can submit through each format every week. You will have to register an account at ABC.com (Name, email, or Facebook) before you vote. You’ll have to use a proxy though if you’re outside the US, like Hola or another. You can use multiple emails and create multiple accounts to vote if you use different browsers.

Same with Facebook!

Facebook: Voting for Facebook can be done through here –http://apps.facebook.com/votedwts

See you next week for a Halloween themed episode of Dancing with the Stars!

2 thoughts on “DWTS Week Seven: Movie Classics

  1. I feel like Sharna was the only one who stayed true to the integrity of the show… Maybe I’m bias… But I feel as though she was the ONLY ONE to incorporate the style of dance they had into the theme they had. Also how is it Derek keeps getting away with ILLEGAL lifts??? Rumba isn’t suppose to have any lifts!!!


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