Stuff You Forgot: Kevin Richardson Collaborated with Bukshot


Little known to many Backstreet Boys fans, Kevin Richardson was featured on a track with independent Kentucky rapper Bukshot.

The song, Say It Ain’t So, is featured on Bukshot’s 2004 release, No White Flags.

Kevin croons the following:

I don’t understand why these haters wanna test me.

Say it ain’t so, I know they won’t accept me.

Even if I blow up, driving in a Bentley,

You and I both know they won’t respect me.

It sounds like Kevin is actually singing a couple of parts on the chorus to cover the higher and lower harmonies. The thing that struck me immediately, however, was how weird it was to hear Kevin on a rap track!

Our Boys have done a couple of collaborations with rappers in the past.  Nick featured Briton Briddy Shaw on the rather ill advised Burnin’ Up.  The Backstreet Boys had Pitbull featured on the fan favorite unreleased track Helpless.  And who could forget Smooth T. of the Fun Factory laying down a verse for Get Down.  Don’t remember Smooth T.? Really?

It’s this guy:


Still, these are all examples where the Boys feature rappers on their songs.  As far as I’m aware, this is the only case where one of the Boys has had their vocals used for a rap track.  Am I wrong?  Yell at me in the comments below.  In the meantime, I’ll keep listening to this song and picturing this:


If you like the Bukshot track featuring Kevin, you can download it on iTunes here!

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