Flashback Friday: AJ On GUTS!!


We all know how talented AJ McLean is.  The guy can sing, he can dance, he can rock more hairstyles than Dennis Rodman and pull it off.  But does everyone know that AJ once competed on Nickelodeon’s GUTS?

The timing of this filming is interesting to me.  This was apparently filmed in 1994, so AJ was already hooked up with the fellas and working on being a Backstreet Boy.  Do you think the other Boys watched this?!  Do you think they were jealous?  I’m jealous.  (Nick was jealous.)

Every kid wanted to be on GUTS.  You get to bounce around on a Nickelodeon set, shoot Nerf guns, maybe play in a pool, and definitely get a shot at the Aggro Crag.  AJ started off strong during a Slam Dunk competition and his interview with Mike O’Malley right after is classic AJ.  He sounds as excited and confused as ever!  At the 3:05 mark, AJ ‘spills his guts’, which describes him first and foremost as…. wait for it….

A cartoonist.


Mike dubs him AJ “Mean” McLean in the next event, which is like a pre-teen version of Ultimate Ninja Warrior.  AJ gets stuck in the ‘elastic jungle’ which Mike describes as a ‘tightly wound golf ball with springs everywhere’ and I remember why I liked this show so much.  I’m pretty sure Mike and Mo were hysterical to any adult within earshot.  AJ finishes this round in last place, leaving room for purple competitor, Jamie, to make a comeback from her previous third place finish. We have all three competitors in a tie!  AH the drama!! They move onto my favorite type of events – one that takes place in a pool!!!!

The events in a pool were always the coolest to me for some reason.  I dunno if it was because of the wake balls, the fact that a paddle could be involved or just because I had never seen an indoor pool before… Jamie again finishes first, AJ second, and Amanda (team red) is in third.

Next up is the much less sexy long jump competition.  AJ jumps far (with assistance from a giant bungee cord). Jamie again takes first place and I’m starting to wonder if this girl should be tested for HGH use.  At the 6:50 mark of this video Mike begins to lull you into believing the next competition will be making a sand castle but NO!!!  It’s actually the Aggro Crag!

AJ tries is damnedest but Jamie, who might be the Lance Armstrong of Nickelodeon, wins her well deserved piece of the Aggro Crag.  I am left wondering if AJ went back to a house full of Backstreet Boys ready to console him.

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