Flashback Friday: Flat Ironed Howie Hair


Ahhhhhh Howie’s Hair.  So many iterations.  There was the Caesar cut from the Quit Playing Games video, the long pony tail look that spanned multiple eras, the broccoli-esque phase that happened somewhere in between.

It’s been quite the ride for Howie and his Hair.  But nothing stands out more distinctly in the minds of Backstreet Boys’ fans quite like Howie’s Jesus look.

Basically: Someone relaxed Howie’s Hair and shit got weird.

It was featured in interviews.


When I watched Around The World In 100 Hours, I was mesmerized by the Hair.  It was straight and flowing but it never moved.  Each hair held still.  It was as if they were all competing with each other in an epic game of freeze tag.

Howie took his Hair to public appearances.


Picture it: you’ve been waiting on line for 18 hours to meet the Backstreet Boys during one of their most hectic time periods.  You walk up to a table where each of the Boys is signing autographs and somewhere between Aj and Brian you stumble across Count Dracula.  He and his Hair lock eyes with you and you suddenly want to break into the Everybody dance.

Howie’s Hair was even featured in music videos!


Seriously, Howie’s Hair has more acting credits than most of the cast members featured on Degrassi.  But the Shape of My Heart video was only the beginning.

Howie’s Hair’s finest moment was when it got a special assignment for The Call video. You see… The Call was about a guy who cheated on his girlfriend.  So naturally it needed to feature a woman.  She was already on the studio track, after all.  What is a boyband to do?  Go to a casting agency?  OF COURSE NOT!


Nick gets a quick look at Howie and his Hair in a car mirror and it’s game on!  I like to imagine that it was never the plan that Howie and his Hair play a woman but that it happened naturally after this moment occurred.  Nick looks in a mirror at a weird angle and goes, “Oh shit dude, you look like a hot chick!”  Howie and his Hair look at him and the director, wink, and boom – someone decides Howie and his Hair would make a great twist on the plot already outlined for the video.

I’m not sure who thought it was a good idea to make him, the one with the flat ironed coif, the woman in The Call video.  I’m not sure who suggested to Howie in the first place that his Hair should be so silky smooth.  I’m not sure why Howie thought his Hair should be worn this way.

But I know I love this moment.  And it probably could not have happened without Howie’s Hair.

thecall2Have a favorite Backstreet Boys hair memory?  Let us know what your favorites are in the comments below or visit us on our Twitter and Facebook pages to share your thoughts!

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