I Still… (Song Spotlight)

i stillI Still… is one of my all time favorite Backstreet Boys’ songs.  It’s hard to rank them, of course, but if I had to I can very confidently say that I Still… is in my top 5, at the very least.

I Still… is great for a few reasons:

  1. The ellipsis (…) I LOVE that shit. You still what? OH, you still need us, Backstreet Boys?  I’m here for that.
  2. The rare stroke of brilliant marketing.  The I Still… BSB tshirt is one of the few that I own (I’ve always been more of a program person) and it perfectly describes how I feel about the Boys.
  3. The classic Backstreet sound where each of the five Boys is featured.  This Max Martin track holds up against some of the Boys’ best material to date.  It sucks it was never released in the States!
  4. The video is so slick! Incomplete and Just Want You To Know were the first two singles from Never Gone.  The I Still… video could have been a real let down after the previous two efforts, but it lives up the the high bar the era set.
  5. Brian has said in the past that he felt I Still… was about the relationship between the Boys and the fans in a really unique manner.  I love the idea that the Boys can sing this song to us and we can sing it to them and have it make perfect sense in either context.

Are there too many words in this post?? Should we just watch the video?  Let’s just watch the video and sing along!  It’s only been viewed 16 million times before… a few more hits won’t hurt!

I Still… also has the honor of producing one of the Boys’ best ever performances.

This performance slayed the shit out of me.  The last time I remember getting the tingles watching the Boys be rained on had been the Quit Playing Games video. Good Morning America had been one of their first televised performances to kick off the Never Gone era, and they showed up with all of the energy and swagger you’d expect after a couple of years out of the spotlight.

While I want to give the Boys all of the credit in the world for delivering a great performance, the stars of this video are really the fans.  Thousands of fans came out the night before and endured the shitty type of weather only NY could deliver!!  The Backstreet Army never ceases to amaze me!

As another fun treat, there is a short backstage video of I Still… where the Boys discuss the song, the video, and look adorable while doing so.  If you’ve never seen this clip before, make sure you take the time to when you can really enjoy it without distractions. I couldn’t agree more with Brian’s comments at the 3:15 mark.  Each of the Boys also give a LOT of love to Europe in this clip – they were about to take the Never Gone tour overseas and I Still… was only going to be released to that market.  LUCKY!

Do you have a favorite song or video you think deserves attention?  Let us know and we’ll do a feature on them!


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