International Day of Peace: 98OTBSB2Mensync


Today is the International Day of Peace and we thought we’d take a page out of the Burger King advertising book and call for a truce.  I thought about mixing things up with the members of the Backstreet Boys but soon realized I couldn’t replace any of our five fellas. Instead, I figured since we’ve already seen a version of this with NKOTBSB, it was time we expanded our membership!   The fact that Nick is working on a SyFy movie right now is perfect since I’m proposing a mega version of something we already know and love, but instead of delivering a mega shark or mega octopus, I’m ready to assemble a megaboyband!!  I feel a little like a mad scientist and it feels so, so right.  Ready? Let’s get to it!

Our New Kids on the Block pick is Joey McIntyer!


A lot of Backstreet Boys’ fans got a taste of the talent that is Joey Mac during the NKOTBSB tour.  Here is how much I respect Joey Mac:  I fucking hate Please Don’t Go Girl.  I have thought this song was dumb since I was 10 years old.  It is whiny and stupid and basic as fuck.  But when he sings it… now… with his man voice… I melt like Olaf, pre-magic. After being turned on to the fact that he regularly covers Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics I was sold forever. Besides regular tours with the New Kids, Joey’s worked on Broadway, released solo music, and has found himself on network television on more than a couple of occasions, earning him a slot in our megaboyband!  Brian will be THRILLED.

Our 98 Degrees pick is Jeff Timmons!


Boybands are about a careful combination of vocal ability, dancing ability, and showmanship.  Jeff Timmons satisfies our appetite for flare!  Jeff gets it.  If he didn’t, he wouldn’t have joined the Chippendales’ male review in Vegas and subsequently start his own show (turned reality show subject), Men of the Strip.  Jeff always brought some sweet falsetto vocals to the table, but he’s bringing more than that to our megaboyband monster.  Imagine how he and Howie could cover counter melodies together!

Our N’Sync pick is JC Chasez!


I’m not sure if it’s sacrilegious to include a member of N’Sync at all, but I think we can all agree JC had one of the sickest boyband voices.  I’m continually amazed that he never produced much memorable music as a solo artists and have to wonder if he just got the short end of the stick from Jive, because the talent was certainly there.  I would pick him to be in my megaboyband over Justin in a heartbeat!  Plus, how awesome would his voice sound on a track with Aj?!

Our Boyz II Men pick is Shawn Stockman!


This was one of the easier picks.  Boyz II Men absolutely destroyed the US music charts in the 90s and a huge part of that was due to Shawn’s sincere vocal delivery.  Shawn doesn’t sing music, he feels it!  His passion shows through in his role as a judge on NBC’s The Sing Off, where he provides guidance and coaching to those competing in a massive acappella group competition.  He’s also proven to be quite the businessman, diversifying his investments and still keeping up with regular Boyz II Men tours and performances. I’m picturing him giving Kevin advice on how to balance group obligations with side ventures. Obviously, he’d make for a very valuable member of our megaboyband.

Our O-Town pick is Ashley Parker Angel!


I don’t have a real reason for picking Ashley Parker Angel other than the fact that his Instagram account is a cataloged collection of half naked pictures of Ashley Parker Angel. He’s talented, sure.  He can sing, plays guitar, can act (he’s recently been on a traveling production of Wicked), and he has one of the best ‘gone solo’ boybander songs in Let You Go.  But mostly?  It’s the fact that he’s a major IG tease.  I’m not sure there is enough room in one boyband for two blonds, but I’d tell Nick he had to get used to it if it meant more of Ashley in my life!

Honorable Mention: Taylor Hanson of Hanson, Omarion of B2K, Trevor Guthrie of Soul Decision, Nick Jonas of The Jonas Brothers, Jesse McCartney of Dream Street, Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees, Noah Bastian (aka: Chad) of 2Gether. Ricky Martin of Menudo, Zayn Malik of One Direction, and Scott Robinson of 5ive.

If you had to pick five additional members of the Backstreet Boys, who would make the cut?  Tell us in the comments or join the conversation on the Darkside Forum, Twitter, and/or Facebook account!


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