Just Want You To Know


Do you ever just feel sad?  I do.  I sometimes just get sad.  I get sad about having a desk job.  I get sad about family bullshit.  I get sad that all Oreos aren’t of the Double Stuf variety.  Life can just get me down.  Luckily for me, when it does, I have the video for Just Want You To Know.

What are all the amazing things about this video?  Firstly, it takes place in New Jersey. Land of the free, home of the ‘come at me bro!’  Secondly, mullets.  Thirdly, Sphynkter!!!!

In sort: the music video for Just Want You To Know might be the best video the Backstreet Boys have ever done.


It starts off simple.  And the use of the word ‘simple’ is intentional, since it begins with a nose-picking Nick Carter.



Then, this dude shows up to give simple Carter a ride to a tailgate party.


I swear if the only version of Kevin Richardson I could ever get were this version, I’d take it without a second thought.  Kev also had these three other dudes in his backseat:


In my mind, their names are Pete, Bobby, and Tony.  Think Larry, Curly, and Mo but with less slapstick and more beer.

The fellas arrive at the rock show for a band called Sphynkter.  Their opening act is a group called Tukkhis.  Whoever came up with that detail didn’t get paid enough.


Things get a little weird for a while.  This happens:


Then this:




And this:


Until finally we’re inside the venue and Sphynkter hits the stage.


My immediate thoughts go something like this: Brian Littrell is fucking GORGEOUS.  How does Leighanne not play dress up with this man all the time?  Nick has done an Axl Rose impression in the mirror before.  You can just tell.  Howie legit looks like Peter Criss from Kiss.  Get Howie cat makeup!  This isn’t the first time Aj has worn a one piece spandex outfit.  Generally, I don’t like men in eyeliner unless they’re playing Captain Hook on some ABC show, but Kevin in eyeliner is artwork.

As a bonus, did you know there is an alternate version of the video that just features Sphynkter?

It isn’t the first time the Boys have had two different versions of a video (shout out to the snow version of I’ll Never Break Your Heart), but this is by far the best.

I hope if and when you find yourself feeling down on your luck, that you decide to pick yourself up by spending 3 minutes on Youtube with Sphynkter.  It won’t fix your problems, but you might not feel as badly about them.

What’s your favorite Backstreet Boys video?  Stop by The Darkside forum to let us know!

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