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I have a horrible job.  Well, it isn’t horrible.  But I sit at a desk all day.  I do the email.  I do the phone.  Sometimes I shred stuff to give myself a moment of destructive joy.

Mostly, though, I spend my days finding fun ways for us to pass the time.   Not long ago, a few of my colleagues and I decided we’d start assigning each of our coworkers a dog breed. (I’m a King Charles Spaniel, in case you were wondering.)  Half of our finance team is comprised of big dog breeds.  The sales team is mostly small dogs with big barks. Have you tried this at your job?  TRY IT.  Then come back here to read about which Boys match up to which dog breeds best and yell at me in the comments section for getting this all wrong!


Brian Littrell is a Jack Russell Terrier. Fun, yappy, and bursting with energy, Jack Russells are known for behaving like big dogs in small bodies – does that sound like Brian to anyone else?  The guy is only 5’5, but bring up Nsync and he puffs his chest with the best of them.  If you’ve ever seen his pissed off face, you know exactly what I mean.  You DO NOT want to mess with pissed off Brian. Not only can he kick your ass but he can look sexy as all hell doing it.  The high energy comparison speaks for itself: none of the Boys can hold a candle to Brian in that category. He’s always joking around with fans, doing impressions, dancing around stage – and this is when they’re not performing. That’s just when they’re sound checking or giving interviews!!


Howie is a Beagle.  Loyal, calm, friendly, adaptable – these are just a few of the adjectives often associated with beagles. Howie is all of the above!  He is notoriously friendly with fans, usually taking the most time to sign autographs and snap pictures.  He’s remained loyal to the group, even when he wasn’t given some well deserved leads, but was able to step up his game once Kevin left (adaptable!).  Beagles are the kind of dogs you don’t mind having around your kids.  I’m pretty sure there is a cohort of Backstreet Moms out there that would agree that Howie would make the best babysitter of the bunch.  If you left Nick Carter alone with your kids, you’d end up with a Cat in the Hat situation… but Howie? He’d make sure everyone brushed their teeth before bed and that lights were out by curfew.



Speaking of Nick Carter, he’s our resident pug.  Pugs can act like clowns, be a bit stubborn, and LOVE attention!  One of my best friends has a pug.  The little guy is always showing off for us, prancing around with his head held high (this might be a result of pugs’ flat faces – the higher the head the better the air quality?), not listening to any direct requests such as ‘sit,’ ‘stay,’ ‘stop barking at that small child,’ etc.  Nick obviously identifies with the breed – people often say that people and their dogs take on similar qualities, so I suppose it should come as no surprise that Nick has owned a number of pugs throughout the years.  Nacho is basically a celebrity in his own right thanks to appearances on I Heart Nick Carter and during webchats hosted by his owner.  I can’t think of another dog breed that more closely resembles Mr. Carter.


Ah, Kevin.  This was a close one.  Kevin, in my mind, could either be a Golden Retriever or a German Shepard.  The Golden won out for a couple of key reasons.  Goldens are not only among the smartest of dog breds, but they’re also family friendly (hello, Kevin was a tour guide at DISNEY WORLD) and understand the value of discipline (Kevin is also known as the group’s perfectionist).  This breed also has a knack for entertainment: Air Bud, Homeward Bound, Comet from Full House, Brandon from Punky Brewster – all feature unforgettable performances by Goldens!  Kevin has delivered some top notch acting performances in The Casserole Club and The Bloody Indulgent, which might not be as popular as Air Bud but I’m not sure anything is as popular as Air Bud.  A dog that plays basketball?  That’s an instant classic, just like our resident big brother, Kevin.


Aj couldn’t be anything but a Poodle.  Flashy, sassy, and full of panache, Poodles perfectly encompass everything with love about Mr. McLean.  Now, there’s definitely room for a joke in here about the fact that Aj needed a hair transplant, but we’re above the low hanging fruit jokes here at The Darkside (instead, we mention them so you know the irony isn’t lost on us).  Does anyone remember Diane Keaton’s voice performance as the prim and proper Daphne in Look Who’s Talking Now?  Daphne had a closet full of outfits, a specially designed water bowl, and a dog house in the shape of a castle.  That’s pretty much Aj in a nutshell.  If Aj were a dog he’d have a water bowl that has rhinestones on it. Fact.  Poodles are also very friendly and are known for being fun loving and especially affectionate.  Look at any picture of Aj with his daughter, Ava, and tell me this isn’t a clear match. I dare you!

Do you disagree with our picks for Backstreet Dog Breeds?  Are you more of a cat person?  Hit us with your feedback in the comments below!


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