Things We Miss: Enhanced CDs

I vividly remember my parents getting our first computer in 1994.  It was a Gateway 2000, it was big and bulky, and it was mesmerizing.  I was very young and AOL was barely a thing, so my interaction with that computer revolved around playing solitaire and mine sweeper. And then a few years later, as I grew alongside technology, the enhanced CD happened.


My aunt had an enhanced Alice in Chains’ cd that she brought over to test on our computer because she had yet to buy one.  A cd, in a computer, not just making music but showing content and videos?!  I was floored.

Needless to say, as cool as I had been at the age of 11 I still wasn’t so cool that I was an Alice in Chains fan.  I was, however, a huge Backstreet Boys fan and had always wondered what the hell that little ‘enhanced cd’ logo meant.


I popped in the Boys’ album, which I had already worn out by that point, and magic happened.

Ever wanted to know what the Boys’ favorite colors were?  Wonder no more!

What about their favorite food?  Seriously, listening to the Boys list food mostly loved by small children was the best.

The Boys were also asked to list their hobbies.  As someone that struggles to name ONE hobby, I remain impressed at how long Kevin is able to speak about his.  So many of the Boys list going to the mall as a hobby that I think I’ve just fallen in love with them all over again.

The enhanced cd has largely disappeared in favor of dual discs and utilizing artists’ websites/fanclubs for extra content.  But those of us that grew up as computers just started to become household mainstays will always have a special affection for these classics.

Huge shoutout to Canal de todasmiscosas‘ Youtube account for providing this enhanced cd goodness!!

Do you have any enhanced cd memories you’d like to share? How often did you watch the extra footage of the Boys?  Do you ever pop in your enhanced cd now, just for the nostalgia?  Share in the comments below or visit our forum to chat about it!

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