Solo Synopsis: Kevin Richardson, Cover Story

Cover Story

We’ve been hearing about a solo project from Kevin for a while.  Things started simmering in 2011 when Kevin teamed up with Rob Gonzalez on a benefit concert.  In an interview with The Examiner, Gonzalez mentioned that Kevin was tinkering with releasing a solo album.  Shortly before this interview, Kevin became more active on social media, specifically by establishing a Youtube page where he began posting videos of him performing songs by Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

He also called back to his Broadway days by singing… wait for it… “On Broadway”:

This was one of the first times we’d heard Kevin performing in many, many years.  Naturally the fandom was starting to get excited about seeing our Boys’ big brother back in the spotlight!

During the Home for the Holidays benefit concert, Kevin mostly covered classic Christmas music, but also threw in a few extras like John Lennon’s Imagine.  But my personal favorite was his performance of The Killers’ All These Things That I’ve Done!

After the cruise in 2013, we had a better idea of what to expect from Kevin’s first solo effort.  He did flawless covers of John Lennon’s Watching the Wheels, Kenny Loggins’ Danny’s Song, Bonnie Raitt’s I Can’t Make You Love Me, and a solo cover of the Backstreet Boys’ Back To Your Heart that makes you wonder why the guy couldn’t even get a verse to himself on the original:

There were also some rumblings that he soundchecked Billy Joel’s She’s Got A Way but never performed it during the set.  The rumors were confirmed on Mother’s Day when Kevin released the first teaser to his album on his *new* Youtube page (we all forget our passwords every now and then, Kev – we understand the struggle!):

We know he’s done some recording with Gonzalez and Gary Baker, which is amazing news for fans.  We also know there might be an original or two on the album, which has us even more excited about the project.  There’s still a lot of mystery surrounding the actual release date and whether or not we’ll get to see Kevin do a solo tour of his cover material, but we’ll exercise patience in the same manner we do when we’re listening to one of his lengthy Q&A answers. Love ya, Kev!!

But what about movies? We know all about Bloody Indulgent, which comes out on DVD in about a month. And then there’s Casserole Club which you can (if you haven’t) buy on dvd from Amazon. Now, to quote Yoda…”There is another.” (I mean, we did say Kevin is really a Jedi).

The Movie? It’s called Saint Mary’s Secret. Kevin’s character is named Norman. Did anyone else immediately think of Norman Bates? Coincidence most likely, but they are both psychological thrillers so you can’t blame us. Who what’s this movie about? This is what we know thanks to IMDB.

Saint Mary’s Secret is a psychological thriller / horror film drawing similarities to and inspiration from two iconic motion pictures, The Shining and Rosemary’s Baby. Set in 1948 in the sleepy old mining town of Virginia City, Nevada, Saint Mary’s is a tale that delves into the souls of a number of characters who find themselves drawn to and trapped by the haunted hospital and asylum of Saint Mary’s.


Want to know more? Watch this trailer. We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait!

Are you excited about Kevin’s solo projects?  With AJ, Nick, Howie, and Kevin all confirmed to be working on solo material, is there one project you’re most excited to hear? Let us know in the comments!  And – as always – if you’re looking for all of the updates on Kevin or the other Boys’ solo projects, visit the Music section of The Darkside Forum!


One thought on “Solo Synopsis: Kevin Richardson, Cover Story

  1. I really want Kevin to release a solo cd because I absolutely love his voice. Whether he is singing in his upper register or he gets down and dirty bass on us.


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