Backstreet Ink


“What kind of person gets a Backstreet Boys tattoo?” I wondered out loud to my friends as we were on our way to a Backstreet Boys concert.

“People get Backstreet Boys tattoos?!” they exclaimed.

Yes.  Yes they do, friends.

Many people.  I’ve seen portraits of Kevin Richardson’s face, tattoos of the Boys’ signatures, some straightforward ‘BSB’ lettering – you name it, the fandom has done it.

I love the Backstreet Boys to a degree of obsession that’s mostly only seen in fans of anime and professionals in specialized fields of science, so I’m a pretty big fan.  And yet, I couldn’t quite identify with the fans that got Backstreet related tats.

And then it happened.  I found myself saying, “well… if I ever did get Backstreet related ink, I’d probably get lyrics.”  Within a minute I was jokingly saying I’d get the words I Want It That Way on my ass cheek.  My friends were laughing and telling me it was ridiculous.. but the idea took hold then and there.

You’d need to understand my sense of humor a bit.  I’m a little crass and a lot sarcastic.  I love poking fun at things, even if they’re the things I love such as our Boys.  I couldn’t shake the thought of getting it done and so I found myself making an appointment at a tattoo parlor.

I scheduled my apt for April 20, 2013, to mark the Backstreet Boys’ 20th anniversary.  The end results have supplied me with both a conversation piece and a source of constant joy.


Do any of you have Backstreet Boys tattoos?  If you do, would you be willing to share with us here on the blog?  If you don’t, do you have any ideas for what you would get?  Share your thoughts in the comments below or via Twitter and Facebook!


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