The Backstreet Boys As Disney Princes


In the world of Disney, it’s usually the princesses that get the most attention.  With good reason, of course.  Who doesn’t love the girl power exhibited by Belle (who was ‘so weird’ in that she really liked to…….read), Ariel (“betcha on land, they understand that they don’t reprimand their daughters” SING IT GIRL!), and Mulan (who was Michonne before Michonne was Michonne)?

But that doesn’t mean that we’ve forgotten about the Disney Princes.  In fact, find me one single person that doesn’t believe the picture above looks like a ready-made boyband.

How is this Backstreet Boys related?  Welp…. it isn’t.  Unless you’d like to join me in imagining which Disney Prince each of the Boys would be!

Nick Carter is Kristoff.  I debated making Nick’s prince be Olaf, but this actually seemed like a better match.


Kristoff is a simple guy.  I mean… he sells ice while living in a tundra.  Does that not sound like a Nick Carter move?  Nick is a guy that has found a way to tweet out his address by mistake (hint: when you’re famous, you shouldn’t take pictures of your GPS).  Kristoff deals with insulting trolls in Arendale, Nick argues with insulting trolls on Twitter.  Kristoff has a sleigh, Nick has an SUV.  Kristoff has a pet reindeer Sven that only he can understand, Nick has a brother Aaron that only he can understand. They’re basically the same person.

Brian Littrell is Tarzan.  Anyone that has seen Brian in action understands this comparison.


Brian literally monkeys around.  He does hand stands, hangs from ceilings, impersonates primates by slapping his hands together and making monkey sounds – the whole nine yards. He’s our perfect Tarzan.  Now, Tarzan might be slightly rougher around the edges, but who WOULDN’T want to see Brian in a torn up loin cloth?!  And honestly, if he were in one, would it bother anyone else that he could only speak in grunts?

Aj McLean is Beast.  Rough exterior but a marshmallow on the inside.


Aj and Beast have a lot in common.  Do I think Aj would capture a woman and hold her prisoner to satisfy a deal made with her father?  Probably not.  But other than that they’re practically the same person!  Beast looks unapproachable and ….scary.  Aj, if you didn’t know him, gives a similar outward impression.  All those tattoos, the painted nails, the eyeliner, the beard.. generally this doesn’t scream ‘come chat with me!’  But those of us that have been lucky enough to spend time with Aj know it couldn’t be further from the truth.  He’s a total sweetheart.  Beast turned out to be the same (unless you’re Gaston). Also, the fact that Beast can remember how to waltz after years of not spending time with anything but talking clocks, tea cups, and a candelabra is beyond impressive.  Sort of the same way that Aj manages to remember all of that choreography.

Howie Dorough is Prince Naveen.  Naveen has so much swagger it’s absurd and is probably the only person aside from Howie that can swing the “Howie D-oing” pick-up line.


The Princess and the Frog doesn’t get nearly the credit it deserves as a Disney animated film.  The vocals were great, the delivery was on point, and yet it lacks the acclaim.  Does this sound familiar, people?!  Howie is pretty much the unsung hero of the Backstreet Boys.  The guy has always delivered vocally, he’s a showman, and he always brings a thousand pounds of charisma.  Prince Naveen is a bit full of himself, which is not at all like our Sweet D, but the rest?  Oh boy.. He manages to get Princess Tiana to give him a smooch when he’s in frog form.  FROG FORM!!  That’s how endearing Naveen is.  Of all the Boys, I’m pretty sure Howie would win ‘most likely to garner a kiss as a frog’ – especially when you consider how randomly hot Howie turned out!

Kevin Richardson is Prince Eric.  The hair, the eyes, the badassery… it’s all there.


Prince Eric put a knife between his teeth, jumped off a moving ship, and attacked the woman/octopus that was after the love of his life.  Do you honestly doubt Kevin wouldn’t do the same for you?  Look into the man’s eyes when you meet him and tell me those eyes aren’t whispering, “baby, I’d fight a giant squid for you.”  Okay so maybe he wouldn’t do it for you specifically but I know for a fact he would do it for Kristen.  Of all the Backstreet wives, she’s certainly gotten the best song in their catalog written about her (now is a good time to give Back to Your Heart a listen).  So in summary: Kevin will write a solid song for you and maybe jump off a ship to kill an evil sea witch for you and that’s why he’s Eric.  Are we all loving the logic applied to these, or nah?

Do you agree or disagree with the above?  What Disney Princes do you think are better matches for our Boys?  Leave a comment below!

4 thoughts on “The Backstreet Boys As Disney Princes

  1. Slightly unrelated, but maybe not. Everytime I see Brian doing one of his “Tarzan” moves, I truly believe he should try out for American Ninja Warrior.


  2. I Loved the comparissons, really did. Brian def is Tarzan. Wonder if someday he’ll get seriously I jured while jumping up and down and it scares me. Nick, my adorable Kristoff, such a big kid with no sense at all (the GPS incident just proves that)… But yous made me laugh hard with the mention of Nick being the only one who understands Aaron… Lmao! So accurate! Lovely post!


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