The Many Faces of Aj McLean

Sara has been helping us out lately with a series of media posts that make us feel both young and old all at the same time.  You guys have seen Sara’s blog right? Because it’s awesome. Go see it.  Then come back here. And see this one too. And tell all your friends about the both of them.

As I was reading her post I was struck by something both horrible and hilarious: Aj’s braids.  I don’t know why it hit me or how, but it did and I ended up fixated… I mean… look at this:








I know I couldn’t look away either. It’s like watching a small child try to tie their shoes.  You want to help, but you can’t. All you can do is LOOK AT THIS MESS. And breathe it in.

Aj has rocked a lot of different hair over the years, playing with style, color, general shape (ie: cat butt). He’s gone blonde:



download (1)

Blue (a personal favorite of mine, cause c’mon!):

images (1)

But no matter what awful hair Aj has displayed over the years, at least we can all take a bit of comfort in knowing it was never as bad as this:



One thought on “The Many Faces of Aj McLean

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