Flashback Friday: Blurry Brian

Look, House of Carters wasn’t a great moment for any of us, okay?  It isn’t like we all collectively got together and said to ourselves, “man I would like nothing more than to watch the Carter siblings be dysfunctional nightmares together for 30 minutes every week!”  But… it happened.  We witnessed it.  We soaked it in.  We begged for someone to invent real life Men-In-Black memory erasing technology.  I’ll refrain from making any comparisons to the Hindenburg, but it happened and there was nothing any of us could do about it.


The filming took place as Nick and the Boys were recording for their first Kevin-less effort, Unbreakable.  As a result, the Boys were very briefly filmed and featured in episode 2 as Nick held some group meetings and Aaron Carter did tequila shots with the fam back at the house they were all sharing.

(This is probably also a great time to mention that while many awful things came out of HOC, at least we got the best gif ever.)


Aj and Howie appeared on camera in the meetings as the Boys discussed producers, songs, and general musical direction.


But…. there was someone else there…


For a hot second, the cameras captured a wide shot of the room and it was impossible to ignore that figure. Like a ghost or a shyer Girls Gone Wild participant:


Blurry Brian.

The fandom STILL references Blurry Brian whenever talk turns to things like reality tv, Brian in general, or Nick in general.  Some people get very hot and bothered about it, some are just entertained by the absurdity of his resistance to appearing.

Personally?  I could use a Blurry Brian filter for my selfies.


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