I Want It That Way Cover Up

I Want It That Way easily ranks as one of the best pop songs of all time.  It’s infectious pop perfection that comes around once every few generations and stands the test of time. The Boys delivered the most flawless version upon releasing Millennium, but who *doesn’t* love a good cover?!

The Postmodern Jukebox teamed up with Shoshana Bean on this soul-inspired version of the song and it shot around the internet like wildfire.  The post even earned props from the one and only Mr. Kevin Richardson!  The vocals, the music, the delivery.. this one is definitely worth throwing on a personal playlist.

Landon Austin and Julie Sheer are a couple of YouTube celebrities that teamed up to give us the I Want It That Way duet that this song has been begging for.  Acoustic guitars, clapping sounds, and two solid vocal performances is really all it takes to make my heart smile.

Ever since Pitch Perfect highlighted the awesomeness of acappella, college singing groups have become a lot more entertaining.  The Bates College Merimanders produced this fire acappella cover and the reaction of the crowd, the enthusiasm, and the TOTAL FUN these girls exhibit as they sing is a Backstreet-inspiration.

Rachel Crow was all of 13 years old when she found herself competing on X-Factor in the States.  Simon Cowell, being the endlessly savvy music man that he is, recommended she do a cover of I Want It That Way and the girl killed it.  Like murdered, buried, can’t find the body if you had a search party working 24/7 KILLED IT.  The Boys have tended to speed up the song a bit over the years, but interpretations like this make me wish to death that they’d slow it down and add some passion.  This version is utterly haunting:

This is it.  This is my personal favorite cover of I Want It That Way by Anthem Lights.  Anthem is a cover band for the most part and they do a wonderful job of stripping down songs to their very core.  Versions like this really highlight the beauty of the original track.  Anyone else watching this and hoping Kevin finds himself behind a piano as the Boys give a new flavor to a classic track?

Doing different version of I Want It That Way is so fun that even the Boys themselves have put together some interesting versions.

Aj delivered an uptempo, rock version:

Brian did a stripped down acoustic version:

And who could forget the Boys’ acappella medley which included I Want It That Way:

Now, this is really just the tip of the iceberg in regards to I Want It That Way covers so feel free to share your favorites in the comments below or on the blog.

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