Thank You, Teen People Magazine


Teen People Magazine launched in 1998 and is like a 90s scrapbook.  Jennifer Love Hewitt appeared on its cover multiple times. That’s how 90s this magazine was.  Every cover is a Throwback Thursday waiting to happen.  You could probably remember what awful clothing choices you were making by flipping through any given one of their issues.

The Backstreet Boys were – of course – a regular.  Nick was voted one of the 21 Hottest Stars under 21:

download (2) nick (1)Through some searches, it looks like Aj may have been featured in a later issues as one of the 25 Hottest Stars Under 25, but I can’t find photographic evidence outside of this which saddens me.

At some point even Kevin got in on a cover!


They gave us some fire photo shoots to drool over.

 enhanced-buzz-12890-1374543755-8download (3)

And when I say ‘fire’ I mean that literally because who doesn’t remember this?! This particular shoot came out around the time they were running their Burger King campaign and I recall wondering if the fire was supposed to remind me of grilling hamburgers.  It kinda worked.


But the one that stood out was the Boys’ first cover came not long after the magazines’ debut – and it was a photo shoot of EPIC proportions:


Let’s review the content…the Boys are in the water.

bsb60 bsb12

The Boys are splashing in the water. Nick is the most excited about it.


The Boys are standing still and looking serious submerged in the water. Nick is the most submerged.teen3We move out of the water to do some activities like tossing around a football in white robes.

kev_brokbsb4 bsb5

Hanging around a pool in those same robes (they weren’t done with playing in the water, especially not Nickolas).


Then they probably told scary stories or something because Howie got spooked.  Either that or one of their robes slipped..


After that, the Boys do the most manly man thing of all the manly man things and grill.  They start by feeding Aj raw steak and I assume it gets better from there.


The Boys, now well fed, decide to stand around with tiki torches.  And you all might laugh but so far this is exactly like this Abercrombie and Fitch fantasy that I have, which… yeah, maybe not appropriate for our younger readers… anyway…


Then Kevin stands in a hoodie looking like a sexy raptor and Nick gets back in the water to play (I’m worried about Nick and the water situation).



To end their exhausting day of being in water, grilling, horsing around, and hard-posing, the Boys chillax on a hammock.
Image28Kevin and Nick, sharing a hammock.  Impure thoughts suspended between two trees.

For this we must thank you, Teen People.  Praise unto Teen People for the glory that was/is this photo shoot.

Do you have a photo shoot of the Boys you absolutely love?  Share below in the comments!


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