Solo Synopsis: Howie Do It

Okay okay okay… the ‘Howie do it’ joke is probably overdone.  I agree.  But I couldn’t resist.  Who would be able to resist the Sweet Delight that is Howard Dorough?  The man was clearly the inspiration behind the wink emoji, he rocked Jesus-like locks for years, and also managed to be the focus of THE BEST MEME EVER:


And it goes without saying that his nickname is well deserved – Howie is literally one of the nicest celebrities I have ever met.  He is notorious for spending a ton of time with fans for autographs and pictures.  I have yet to hear a rude word about him and in this fandom that is a feat of epic proportions!

In 2011, Howie D.-ropped (ahahaha, okay I’m done now I swear!) his first solo effort, Back to Me and it was a pleasant surprise. The music was fun and easy to grove too.  You could picture Howie salsa-dancing his way around a stage to most of the songs with ease.

Rumors have been swirling since last year that Howie had another solo project up his sleeve, and the flames were fanned when some interesting posts started popping up on Instagram and Twitter in November.  Tor Hyams might not be a household name but he’s worked with a few artists you might be familiar with, like Edwin McCain and Joan Osborne.  He’s largely known for his musical theater work and, perhaps surprisingly, his work on some Disney tunes.

So what would Howie be doing working with Mr. Hyams…?  Oh, you know, just producing a children’s album called Howie Do (I know I promised I was done on the word-play, but this one really wasn’t my fault…)!!

As recently as January, Howie was still working on the album with both Tor and guitarist Christian Mendoza, but then came months of radio silence.  It was only very recently that a fan – whom we can all agree deserves a gold star for simply asking a music related question at a sound check – asked them each about their solo projects.   Thanks to Youtuber Aurora Franco, we were able to capture their answers and the precise moment when we found out that Howie was working on an album of children’s music.

Now… I still don’t know what exactly this means.  Personally I’m rather enjoying the idea of Howie singing songs like There’s A Hole In My Bucket Dear Liza, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and You Are My Sunshine in HQ audio rips, but something tells me this might be slightly more involved than some simple covers.

Whatever it is, I think we can all agree that Stealth D. strikes again, since I’m positive this is the one thing this fandom was not aware of before it was announced!

What do you folks think about Howie’s venture into children’s music?  Leave a comment or head over to The Darkside to discuss!


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