Flashback Friday: Backstreet Boys Do Burger King


There was a time when you could be innocently watching TV and all of a sudden a Burger King commercial would start and you’d see:


Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce

Special orders don’t upset us

All we ask is that you let us

Serve it your way!

That shit was fire. I’m pretty sure the Boys even sang the jingle while promoting the…promotion?  And what a promotion campaign it was leading up to Black and Blue!

The concept of course was focused on BK and the Boys but they managed to up the cool factor by getting Stan Lee involved.  The Backstreet Project was a comic book concept that Nick developed which should be no surprise to anyone since aliens were involved and those aliens bestowed super powers on each Backstreet Boy.  Though the comic was supposed to be a series, only one issue was released and the characters developed by Carter and Lee were the inspiration behind the Burger King toys:


Brian had super speed and could super jump tall buildings.  Aj had a laser gun and was an expert marksman.  Nick was a ninja with a sword that could cut through anything.  Howie was a magic carpet.  Kevin was Iron Man. NO! Howie possessed mental telepathy powers and Kevin had super strength.

The promotion also included a For the Fans video and 3 collectible cds (extra purchase necessary).  The cds came with an exclusive preview song from Black and Blue.  The Boys and their team inexplicably chose It’s True to rep the album and I still haven’t recovered from the disappointment.  But it didn’t stop me from forcing my grandfather to drive me to Burger King every week to collect a new action figure or promo cd.  I ate a lot of chicken sandwiches that summer for the betterment of no one.

You win again, Backstreet Boys.  You win again.

2 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Backstreet Boys Do Burger King

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