Dead West, Dead Serious

As many of you may know, Nick Carter has many obsessions.  A space obsession, an alien obsession, a zombie obsession, a horror obsession, a bad acting obsession (sorry Mr. Carter, but Kill Speed?! KILL SPEED?!!!!)…. The list goes on and on.  But it appears that he’s finally putting all of these obsessions to good use!

Evil Blessings started out as a promising venture.  It sounded like one of those classic B or C horror films that would be low budget but have the necessary creep factor required to get in a good scare.  Based on Nick’s highly successful crowd funding campaign, the tone appeared to be very serious.

“Most of you already know that I’m passionate about music, but what you don’t know is that I’m a huge horror fan as well,” he said as he kicked off the project on Indiegogo. “To that end, I’m about to start down the path of my other dream to become a film producer and screenwriter. And my first venture is to produce a horror film I also co-wrote and star in called Evil Blessings.”

Given the enthusiasm of our blondest Backstreet Boy and the mad push by the fans to get him the necessary start-up funds, it seemed like this would be a really successful side venture.  The initial goal was $85,000 and since this fandom does nothing small, we collectively raised $156,214 in ONE MONTH.  It was really an incredible achievement and showed how effective these campaigns can be (*hint* for example if the Boys should ever want to release previously unreleased songs and needed some cash to fund that venture *hint*).

Tragically, the good fortune didn’t last.  The death of Sxv’Leithan Essex, the director slated to take on the project, brought things to a grinding halt.

After a brief regrouping period, Nick had taken time to re-conceptualize the entire project and Evil Blessings was shelved.  In its wake, Dead West rose from the ashes.  Or the grave.  Like those zombies from Thriller!

As interested as some of us have been in seeing the serious side of Mr. Carter’s creativity, Dead West sounds like exactly the type of project that could have crossover success outside of the BSB community.  The synopsis is simplified in two words: zombie western.

Yes.  You read that correctly.



Not long after the new project was announced, the production company behind one of my personal favorite flicks, Sharknado, joined in on the action.  The Asylum is notorious for producing good bad ‘horror’ films for channels like SyFy.  The content is campy and over the top; a mix of unfathomable and unforgettable that’s hard to match (Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus, anyone?).

In an interview with Vice, Nick elaborated on the plot and potential cast members:
“It’s called Dead West. It’s a zombie horror western movie. It’s a hybrid movie. I created the story, co-wrote the story with a writer, and just did our meeting last week with Asylum. They’re the same people that did Sharknado, so it’s definitely a B-movie, but with this movie it’s something I wrote from my creative brain. Now they’re coming in, and we’re going to partner together, and we’re going to shoot the movie in March. I’m acting in it, and possibly bringing in some friends of mine.

He continued, “I’m passionate about this, and I enjoy being artistic in a sort of quirky way that’s unusual. That’s why I’m putting together the cast, there’s some names floating around like Joey Fatone from N*SYNC, or an old buddy of mine Shaquille O’Neal. Just an out of the box thing. He would be one of the main characters. I still gotta talk to him because it’s been a little while, but it’s a gang of bandits trying to rob a bank. It’s just outrageous.”

As a zombie lover myself, I’m personally excited about the concept since the zombie genre can go stale when you’re recreating the same concept ad nauseam.  The usual formula goes something like: zombie plague, everyone is sad, unlikely heroes rise to the occasion, a lot of assholes die in the process. I don’t doubt that elements of that formula will be in place, but the western twist and peculiar cast could make for a fun ride.

If I had any input on the casting of this film, I’d be pushing RuPaul, Lou Diamond Philips, Kathy Griffin, Carrot Top, Donald Trump, and at least one Real Housewife.  The key is finding people that flit between d-list celebrity and reality TV vets.  If Nick can bag Shaq to star in a film like this he’d get major kudos from me.  Even more points if he makes some sort of ‘That’s How I Beat Shaq’ reference.  After looking over the potential cast Nick has already floated, I did find myself wondering if we’d see any cameos from other Backstreet members.  Or perhaps a bit of ‘Everybody’ choreography stuck in there somewhere?

Perhaps the most exciting part about this project is that should The Asylum get this thing on a channel like SyFy, which has a built in good bad movie cult following, it could raise the profile of both Nick and the Boys yet again.  Nick has already been on and off television since 2005 – this would certainly be a bit of a different approach, but would be welcomed with open arms.  Particularly if those arms are comprised of rotting flesh!

UPDATE:  Prior to the publishing of this post Nick announced that he will be appearing at Comic-Con on July 9th (shout-out to our lovely Emilia, who posted to news on Nick’s site! And another shout-out to Sara at What Happens On The Backstreet for first discovering the news!).  He’ll be appearing alongside producers along with our very own Aj McLean and Howie D!  Along with their appearance, Nick confirmed via Instagram what many of us had been guessing – that the other Boys will be doing some acting in this camp-tastic masterpiece!


Nick is also mentioned on Twitter that he’s trying to get the event live-streamed, so if the media is available we’ll do our best to get it to you!  Of course, for all of the most up to date news on Nick’s Dead West project, be sure to check out the TDS forum!

Update: On July 3rd Nick announced they will NOT be able to attend ComicCon as previously planned.

UPDATE: On July 6th Nick announced he opened up his schedule and he will be able to attend ComicCon after all.